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Chris Bell

4 Business Qualities To Promote and Prioritize

No one ever said that running a business was easy. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t general tips that a business owner follow to make sure that they remain competitive. In fact, if there are a set of qualities that you can use to promote and prioritize better business practices, then it’s a definite benefit to owners, employees, and clients when these principles are in practice and create respect.

If you think about the qualities of reliability, accountability, and an insistence on quality over time, you’ll note that all of the major leaders in any industry will follow them in all their major projects. Realistically, if the company provides leadership on all levels, as well as keeping their priorities straight from a core value system, the integrity of the business will remain structured.


If a business promotes reliability as a cornerstone of their production, only good things will happen. All you have to do to see what happens if a company has shown themselves not to be reliable is look at financial bottom lines once people start putting out negative views. The fastest way to erase progress a business has made is by putting out an inferior and unreliable product.


Promoting business accountability is another huge step in the right direction. An example of proper accountability would be a business that sets up a website that has a frequently answered question section, as well as names and addresses and contact points of people to talk to when you have questions. An example suggesting accountability would be when a business has no quality control department or has no hotline to call with questions about the product.

Quality Over Time

To create a sustainable business model, there has to be an emphasis on quality over time. A product, good, or service has to have a logically determined quality control chain, and that in turn creates a system where the value of the service does not go down because of substandard efforts. Never let cut corners become weak links in a chain of success.

Leadership On All Levels

Ultimately, the success of the business often rests on the leadership techniques of management. It’s straightforward to tell the difference between a manager who has leadership skills, and one who does not. A good leader will always claim responsibility for anything that goes wrong, and will always praise his employees for doing the right things when there is a success on a company level. A good leader maintains open lines of communication and makes people feel welcome to talk about whatever is on their mind. A weak leader creates a culture of distrust and avoids responsibility for the results of anything that comes out of a company.