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Chris Bell

4 Reasons Your Product Isn’t Selling On Amazon

More and more online merchants are turning towards Amazon as a place to sell their goods. It’s a relatively simple process to get started; however, it’s not as simple as merely posting your goods on their platform. 

Many people find that they don’t meet as much success as they’d like to. When you watch other stores thriving yet can’t seem to get your products off the shelf, it can leave you scratching your head over what you’re doing wrong.

While sometimes it’s just a question of dumb luck, chances are, more often than not, that one of the following reasons is attributing to your sluggish sales.

Not Using Keywords

Keywords play a crucial role in getting your product to the top of search results. The higher that your product appears, the more profitable that your business will be.  

Since competition is so high, it’s crucial to find a way to climb your way to the top. Use keywords that will help you appear first in search results and give you a competitive edge.

Poor Quality Images

When people are buying things online, they want to get a clear idea of what it is that they’re signing up for.  It’s vital that your photos are crystal clear and high quality.

Posting grainy or poorly executed photos will cast a negative shadow on your merchandise. People will likely assume that your poor quality product is a reflection of the quality of what you’re selling.

Lack Of Demand For Your Product

In some cases, buyers aren’t biting because they simply don’t have a need for what you’re selling. You can’t expect to have significant sales if you’re offering something that is in low demand.

Rather than sticking to products that are in a very specific niche, you may want to offer a variety of merchandise.

Poor Reviews / Lack Of Reviews

One of the biggest appeals of Amazon is that customers can look at certified reviews of the product before they purchase. If your product has a low rating with poor reviews, your overall rating will turn people away.

Unfortunately, no ratings are just as bad as a low rating. People want to see that your product is tried and tested. It helps to encourage your customers to leave feedback after they’ve purchased from you. 

The best way to get a good rating is to offer a quality product, fast shipping, and provide excellent customer service

While selling on amazon is simple, it’s far from easy. However, by identifying the reasons that are holding you back and taking action to remedy them, you should meet with success and gain a significant following as a recommended seller.