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Chris Bell

The Recruiting Software Analogy for Business Consultants

Being in the business consultancy game requires the kind of thick skin that will have you pushing on in spite of the growing self-doubt that could be fuelled or contributed to by what are otherwise would-be prospective clients who hold a bit of a sceptical view of the whole practice and industry. The question of why you chose to be a consultant and effectively assist other people in the running of their businesses pops up – this of course as what is seen to be an easier path than running “your own real business…”

In addressing that issue I’d like to bring up the analogy of making use of recruiting software, which is of course one of many types of solutions businesses use to run their day-to-day operations in a more streamlined and efficient fashion. I could have used HR software as an example, the IT and infrastructure, perhaps, or any other utility you can think of which forms part of the typical operational structure of a modern day business.

I chose recruiting software because it’s something I have first-hand experience with and something which perhaps epitomises the legitimacy of business consulting. I’m not saying there aren’t any posers in the industry, like motivational speakers who talk about financial freedom when their financial freedom comes from nothing more than exactly that, motivating people about it! In the world of business consulting, fortunately some of us make use of the physical and practical channels which the businesses we consult for deploy in the running of our own businesses.

So as a business consultancy group, if I’m going to identify the recruitment process of a business I’m consulting for as an area which needs some streamlining and improvement, I would only recommend the deployment of a solution I’ve used myself, in the running of my own business. And to bring things into the practical realms, we’ve recently expanded our team to incorporate what are essentially independent business developers, who are professionals that in-turn construct their own little mini-teams of contracted professionals, talented individuals and freelancers, to create income generation events.

So we’d have something like a trade exhibition which generates revenue through sponsorship and advertising and since we made use of recruiting software recommended by the appvizer platform, when consulting for one of our clients we can recommend the same platform through which they can learn all about using recruiting software over traditional recruitment methods and they can also choose from a list of some of the best which are reviewed on the platform.

This platform is like a business consulting platform for our own business consulting business, if you know what I mean?!

Now, as a business-consulting business, those businesses which I do consultation work for don’t want to worry about the technicalities around using this type of software, even though it’s generally very easy to deploy, which creates the gap that legitimises us as business consultants, because then we are the ones who can go through all these recruiting software options to find the best one and then not only use it for ourselves, but for our clients as well.

I’ve since learned so much about the recruitment process as a result, to the extent that I have developed a further interest in how Artificial Intelligence is going to affect the recruitment process, since the groundwork has already been laid via the software available and the many great suggestions the platform provided to make it that much more streamlined.