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Chris Bell

5 Small Businesses That Will Always Make Money

Some small businesses are inherently more profitable than others. If you’ve caught the entrepreneurial bug and want to start your own business, choosing what to do can feel like navigating a minefield. There are lots of questions that you’ll need to ask, including:

  • ·       How profitable will my business idea be?
  • ·       Am I passionate enough about my business idea to work on it every day?
  • ·       Who are my target customers?
  • ·       How much will my business cost to set up?
  • ·       How can I ensure future business growth and success?

And there are probably many more questions that you have which are directly related to your personal situation.

If you’re feeling stuck when choosing a small business idea, here are some that are always going to make money.


If you’re good with numbers, then you’re in luck. Everybody needs skilled accountants, and it’s a business idea that’s always going to be in demand. Whether you’re serving larger companies, small businesses, or even individuals, offering to make sense of money, balance budgets and keep accurate books is a service that won’t get turned down. You can work as a freelance accountant, start your own firm or look into buying an existing accounting business with IFA acquisition.

Web Design:

One thing that every business needs today is a good website. Whatever business you’re planning to start, you’ll need a website too. If you’ve got strong design skills and are familiar with HTML, you might want to think about starting your own web design business. In fact, you don’t even need to know how to code. You could provide a web design service to your clients using platforms like Wix, WordPress or Squarespace, where you’ll be working with pre-made templates.


Everybody likes to look their best and regular hair maintenance is just one part of it. Hairdressers will never go out of business! And if you’re a hairdresser, there are plenty of opportunities for starting your own company. You can run a salon based in your own home, or be a mobile hairdresser and visit your clients at their own homes for that personal touch – plus it’s cheaper than setting up a salon.

Online Tutoring:

Are you a math genius or an English whizz? If so, you might want to consider starting your own business as an online tutor. Tutoring has rapidly moved online in the past few years, with technologies like web chat and video calling making it easier than ever to connect with students. And when you’re based online, you can work with students from all over the world, rather than being restricted to your local area.

Marketing Services:

Businesses of all sizes need quality marketing, and many are choosing to outsource this to good marketing agencies. Starting a marketing agency means that you’ll be working with business owners to boost brands and raise awareness of products and services – and if you’re good at it, you can charge a lot for your services. The rise of online marketing means that this type of business is easier than ever to start from your home.

Which of these profitable business ideas is an ideal choice for you?