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Turnover Turbulence: Understanding The Impact Of High Employee Turnover

Personnel turnover is inevitable in any workplace. Whether it is the employee’s decision or management’s, it is not uncommon for workers to come and go as a company expands and develops. But what happens when turnover happens too often and at an excessive rate? Unfortunately, the effects of high staff turnover can negatively impact a business.

Losing team members means a “brain drain” of knowledge and experience that could have been profitable to your organization, valuable for hiring managers and beneficial to other positions within your company. It can also take a toll on morale, which can impact productivity and stress levels. With that kind of reputation, it could also lead to difficulty attracting new talent if you don’t adjust your work environment.

How Can You Prevent High Employee Turnover?

In order to reduce attrition, it is important to recognize and understand why it happens. Sometimes workers leave due to factors outside the company’s control, such as finding other opportunities or personal reasons. Other times, people leave or are let go as a result of internal circumstances, such as a negative relationship with a manager, a difficult work environment, or a lack of opportunity for growth. These are the aspects of high personnel turnover that a business can analyze and change in order to improve its retention.

The good news is that when the appropriate hiring and leadership practices are put into place, high staff turnover is avoidable. When your management and recruitment teams are able to onboard the right talent and effectively supervise them, your organization will have an easier time keeping the best team around for longer. Learn more here about the significance of your employee turnover rate, the impact it can have on the success of your enterprise and steps you can take to mitigate it.

Turnover Turbulence
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Author bio: Pam Verhoff is President of Advanced RPO, a talent acquisition company in Chicago, IL. Verhoff has extensive experience in building RPO businesses and solutions, as well as developing growth strategy.