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Chris Bell

5 Tips for Small Business Owner in 2019

You’re a small business owner — an entrepreneur, someone who envisions what they want and makes it happen. You are not just out there on Instagram sharing inspirational quotes and adding #hustle to posts. You’re actually doing it all while pulling off NYC living in style! So, protect the hard work you put in and use these tips to help you center yourself and your business in 2019.

Get Your Finances in Order

Whether your company makes millions or significantly less than that, you must, must, must have sound financial hygiene. There are plenty of online applications that can help you with your money, but unless you’re a finance wiz, it’s probably best to have a professional do that work. A bookkeeper is essential for a biz of any size. They make life so much easier as do specialized financial experts, like a mortgage broker, for more complicated deals.

Write a Mission Statement

Sure, this is something that nonprofits have to do, so why would you need a mission statement? A few sentences or paragraphs that express how you feel about the company, the philosophy behind it, and what you want the business to be are invaluable. When writing this, feel free to get conceptual. Your passion for on the page will spill over to every aspect of your business. Use this mission statement when interviewing or onboarding to make sure that your employees are aligned with your goals.

Build a Team

The most important part of your business after the passion you have for what you do is your team. It is critical that you make sure  everyone you hire is 100% on board to achieve the goals of your mission and is an excellent cultural fit. When interviewing, emphasize this and don’t worry if a person you like doesn’t have exactly the experience you’re looking for. If they have drive and motivation to help the company succeed, that’s all you need. You can teach anyone a skill, but you can’t teach them passion.

Invest in that Team

And these teams function better when they are treated well. Some bosses think that pizza on Friday is a surefire way to boost morale, but if your employees are miserable for the rest of the week, no amount of that pizza will help. Show your employees you care — honestly care — and invest in them. You can achieve this goal in a variety of ways from allowing them to have a more flexible schedule so they can spend more time with their family to being there to mentor them to paying for education courses online that will help them and your company grow. (But keep those pizza Fridays going, too.) 

Pat Yourself on the Back

Finally, don’t forget to celebrate your big wins over the year. Pop that bottle of champagne, take the trip you’ve always wanted, or just talk about how proud you are of yourself and your company — you’ve earned it.