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Chris Bell

5 Ways Your Office Could Be Damaging Your Business And What To Do About It

The office environment is a key factor in the success of your staff, so it’s important that you create a productive and tidy space that your staff can thrive in.

For many companies, the office environment is an afterthought, and as a result it is a space that has a damaging effect on their business and workforce. Here are 5 of the ways your office could be causing harm to your organisation and how you can make positive changes to steer your company towards the success you desire.

  1. Your Office Might Be Putting Customers Off

If your company’s office is visited by customers then a dirty, poorly laid out space could be driving your customers elsewhere. The base you operate from creates a first impression with customers, and if this is negative then it could put them off from returning or doing long-term business with you. To avoid this, decorate your office with neutral colours and smart yet comfortable furnishings, so that every client gets the best possible first impression of your business.

  • Dirt Could Be Making Your Staff Take Sick Days

A dirty, dusty office space could be harming your team’s immune systems and causing them to take more days off ill with coughs, colds and minor infections. To prevent this, keep your office space clean and tidy at all times. If your team doesn’t have the time or expertise to clean your firm’s office themselves then hire a professional cleaning firm like Ideal Cleaning, which offers a dedicated office cleaning service that will leave your workspace fresh and safe for your staff.

  • Your Location Could Cause Delivery Problems

Offices with difficult to read numbers, or that are based on confusingly named streets could be at risk of postal problems. Whilst post is a declining method of communication, it remains important to many businesses, so to avoid confusion consider getting a PO box address. This will allow your post to be safely delivered there and then collected by a member of your team, ensuring that it always reaches your organisation safely.

  • Space Issues Could Cause Safety Concerns

As your business grows and gains new members of staff you need to invest in a larger office to keep your staff safe. If your office isn’t large enough for all your team members then it could cause staff to injure themselves. Review your office’s health and safety policy regularly and check that your space is large enough to accommodate all your team members.

  • An Insecure Office Could Cause You To Lose Customers

As your business stores sensitive information about suppliers, customers and staff, it’s important that you keep your office and its contents safe and secure. Security breaches and the loss of personal data have to be reported to the ICO under GDPR, and this news may get back to customers, causing them to lose faith in your organisation. To reduce the chances of your office being broken into, install an alarm system and set up a security procedure so that your staff understand how they are personally responsible for the safety of your business’s property.