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Chris Bell

6 Reasons to Make the Switch to Paper Bags at your Company

There are many different benefits to making the switch from plastic to paper bags, and not all of them are environmental. With the trend of increased social awareness due to the damage of plastic bags, the paper option is becoming much more viable for businesses. Here are five of the biggest benefits you may see from adopting paper bags.

It can give your brand a revamp

There’s a reason all of the high-end fashion houses adopt paper bags in their shops; this option is generally considered to indicate better quality than their plastic counterparts. Your customers may perceive your brand and products as of a higher quality than if you stuck to the plastic.

Bags are also a great way of promoting your business through branding and having a more professional looking bag will aid the appeal of that brand. Make sure you use a high-quality company though.

Environmentally Beneficial

Plastics are notably bad for the environment; this has led to an increased public concern over the issue and in turn your potential customers. Reducing plastic consumption will not only help to protect the world we all live in but also help create a more positive brand image for your business.


The more adaptable production of paper bags means they can be changed and updated regularly. This will allow your business to stay ahead of the competition and keep the brand image and product fresh. This freedom of creativity allows you as a business to develop interesting patterns and designs for your bags.


Good quality paper bags can be more durable than their plastic counterparts. This has a benefit for the customer who will have a sturdier product but also for the business who will be providing a better customer experience. This can then create a positive feedback loop for businesses who may experience repeat business from customers.

Increased Social Responsibility

The 21st century has seen a move away from businesses being purely profit orientated towards a model of increased social responsibility, and if businesses are to remain profitable they must conform to this trend. With more people attempting to live a ‘zero-plastic’ lifestyle developing more high-quality paper bags to match this social trend will benefit business sales.

They are a Safer Option

As well as reducing the damage to the world’s oceans the adoption of paper bags is safer for consumers too; a child is much less likely to choke on a paper bag than a plastic one. They are also a much safer option for wildlife as well!

Bring them to your Business!

There are numerous benefits to the adoption of paper bags in a retail business. If you are interested in adopting paper bags into your business model then check in with The Paper Bag Co for high-quality products at an affordable price.