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Chris Bell

85 Awesome Stats to Break Down the World of Online Gambling

Online betting is one of the most enticing and entertaining things to do on the internet. Honestly, who wants to binge-watch Netflix conspiracy documentaries day in and day out when you can play poker or have some fun with the slot machines on online casino websites. If it’s your first time in the gambling scene, all you have to do is visit stefanlist find out everything about a website- right from deposits to bonuses.

Today, however, we will focus on some interesting aspects of the online gambling industry in the form of stats that you may never have heard before. For instance, did you know that even though the US leads in terms of technological innovation, it is UK-based online gambling developers that are taking over the industry? The world’s most popular sportsbook- Bet365 doesn’t earn as much annual revenue as William Hill which made $2.37 billion. Also, did you know that internet gamblers are 4.5 years younger to land-based casino gamblers on an average?

Interesting statistics there, right? We have a lot more for you packed up in this small infographic that will give you a complete overview of the gambling industry, the biggest companies, their revenue, and player demographic profiles. Check it out below!