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Chris Bell

Moving up: How to Get Promoted Faster

Being in a line of work where promotion opportunities exist is highly beneficial to your career. This facilitates the possibility of taking on new types of work, creating new learning experiences and earning more in the process. However, more often than not, moving up the ladder requires time and hard work.

Whether your goal is to simply get a pay raise or move all the way up to the top, there are a number of things to keep in mind that will ensure you’re the one getting promoted come the time. Here are a couple of steps that you can take to get promoted faster.

Work Beyond Your Given Expectations

If you’ve already proven that you’re capable of delivering results with your current workload, why not ask to go beyond what you’re expected to do? The trick here is to request specific work as opposed to simply asking for more. Don’t make it up to your manager to find new responsibilities for you. Instead, ask to take on specific tasks or projects.

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Know What’s Expected of You

If you don’t have a clear path to follow and set goals to achieve, you won’t know what to do in order to impress your boss. It might be daunting but take a moment to sit down with your manager and ask for recommendations as to how you can achieve more in your work and exceed expectations. This way you’ll have a better idea of what to do.

Make Your Hard Work Heard

In a sea of cubicles, standing out isn’t always easy – even if you’re working harder than everyone else. This is one situation where tooting your horn is an acceptable thing to do. After all, it may be the only way to get noticed. Keep a record of when you’ve achieved and gone the extra mile so that you have evidence when promotion time comes.

Showcase Your Leadership Skills

While being a team player is important, you need to be able to show that you have the leadership skills it takes to achieve in your next position. If leadership roles aren’t assigned during projects, take the opportunity to become the leader and go the extra mile to produce a quality final product.


It’s worth keeping in mind that some managers won’t consider or see the opportunity to hand over a promotion. This is where asking for one can be an appropriate thing to do, assuming you’ve done all of the above. At the same time, if there’s no promotion in sight, a change of jobs may be on the books.