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Chris Bell

Advancements within the UK’s Manufacturing Industry

The recent advancements in technology have helped every sector in becoming more efficient. These advancements are not only making the world better but also smarter. Let’s go through some substantial changes the world is witnessing today.

3D printing

One of our significant achievement in technology is 3D printing. Although, it is still on a budding stage, yet its implication has had a substantial impact on practicality. Majority of our experts believe that the technology will completely transform the manufacturing process in every industry by remodeling the traditional assembly line, material costs, and product pricing strategies.


We could become the real-life Iron Man as inventors have given positive feedback after wearing the bodysuits themselves. Moreover, the workforce stationed in Ford’s Michigan plant is also being aided by such technological developments.

These workers are being provided pilot exoskeleton suits which directly fit in their arms to complete tasks above human capabilities.  Users can also adjust the weight handling capacity to support more substantial works.


As per reports, Ford has been using drones to keep an eye on the Dagenham engine plant. Due to Drone’s flexibility, they have been able to reduce the equipment check time to 12 minutes from 12 hours.  Apart from their speedy inspection drones also phase out the risks involved with humans interacting with heavy machinery.  They also provide video and audio footage for future references.

Embedded metrology

The process has often criticized as faulty parts tend to slip through when produced in a batch. Hence, the new and improved embedded technology might be beneficial in the manufacturing process. Not only is it more accurate but also eliminates the need for human inspection. Thus, quality control will be automated, and selected parts will validate a chunk of new production.

We anticipate that the human aspect will be removed in the future as technology will deliver a fully integrated and pre-programmed method of quality control. However, people are getting uncomfortable about lost jobs more than ever.

But it also means that as manufacturing units will become more efficient and productive. Again, there can be inventions for which we cannot prepare.  Technology has improved the way we live and perceive things and the automobile industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries.

On the other hand, every manufacturing company is being aided for example Lookers, who offer Ford Servicing. It is better to embrace the future for the greater good.