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Chris Bell

Are Teens Being Supported By Big Brands?

The generation that grew up with the internet is now an attention center for big brands to boost their consumer pool. Various social media platforms are being used to attract them, and these efforts are being met with success. Let’s take a look at brands that love working with teens.


Acne is a typical issue for teenagers, and their go-to solution is none but Clearasil. Their latest campaign has improved their goodwill as they reckoned that they were useful in taking care of teen’s skin, but they “didn’t know teens.”

Although, the campaign could have been devastating yet it proved their honesty and teens loved it.


The brand was bold enough to support a cause close to the teenagers. Doritos came out with the limited edition rainbow colored snack to back the LGBT campaigns. One had to donate in the “It Gets Better Project” to buy the snack. Thus, their sincerity towards a cause honored by the teens made them way popular than even Apple and Instagram.


The product is focused on destroying the stigma and the inconvenience experienced by young girls starting their period. Lil-Lets have launched the period starter kit to compensate girls from every age that not only looks bright and full of life but is also narrower, more absorbent and comfortable than regular sanitary napkins.

River Island

The fashion store launched the “Labels Are For Clothes’” campaign in partnership with Ditch The Label on its 30th birthday. The project is focused on eliminating the stereotypes and representing people like the way they are. It helps young people growing up without being conscious of their image and presenting their real self without any shame. Teens have received the campaign well for its vision of complete acceptance.


The favorite toiletries company has been successful in impacting 40 million lives since 2004 under its Self-Esteem Project. It’s an educational programme that helps girls and boys with low-self esteem through their online blog and conducting productive meet-ups between teachers, parents and young leaders.


The world famous company has now put efforts in backing up sports stars who are voicing against racial and social injustice. They have recently featured American footballer Colin Kaepernick and Raheem Sterling in their campaigns to support their stand against social divisions. Their action is something teens value and can relate to as they are themselves struggling from bullying and social acceptance. Nike has brilliantly attracted their potential future customers for longer sustainability.