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Chris Bell

Best Ways to Connect with New Customers

You should always be thinking of your next customers, while maintaining your service levels for you current customers. This can be a tricky balancing act. You need to keep your existing clients happy, whilst seeking out new clients with whom to engage. You need to engage So, if you’re thinking about marketing your business, be it search engine marketing services, or simply good customer relations, then here we examine some tips on how to truly connect with new customers. Having read the article, you can implement the tips into your business model, and let the new clients flood in – interested? Then let’s get started.


If you want to add to your client numbers, then a great starting point is to find out why your existing clients became clients in the first place. The best way to find out? Ask! See what drew them towards your business and why they’ve remained clients. Keep those elements but also find out if there were any negatives that could have caused you to lose them as customers – then focus on correcting those problems for the future. You’ll be getting first-hand knowledge and information straight from the people that matter – your clients, and it certainly is a lot cheaper than spending money marketing to clients only to lose them.

The Others

Check out your competition – every client they gain is one potential client that you have lost. See what they do well and try to do it better. Also see what they don’t do so well and really focus on those elements to make your business the one to choose. You may not be able to create new business but you can get a larger slice of what’s available by paying attention to your competition.


It pays to advertise, but you need to do it well. Target ads help bring your message to the right audience, who might then engage. Think of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, where every time the ad is clicked, that person is taken to your site. Remember though, your site will have to be smart, navigable, and convert interest into custom. You’re paying for every visit, so you need them to buy. Not sure if your PPC advertising or website are doing enough to connect with clients? Find out here. 

Savvy Social

Social media done well is a great way to reach new clients. Done badly, well let’s not think of that. Do not have a presence on social media, be a social media presence. Don’t bombard people with adverts, instead engage their minds to draw them in, thereafter you can introduce the product etc.


Ignore nothing. Respond to all calls, emails etc. You never know which one will convert into business, so you cannot afford to ignore any. If you focus on client care, your clients will stay.

Be Known

Get known both online and in person. Let people understand what you do, from your blog, to guest articles in trade magazines, etc. Being known means being recommended and people love personal recommendations. Publish client reviews and feedback so others can see the truth about your business. Have links on complimentary sites and host links, too – of course, make sure they are suitable. Blog, write, and share content like videos, etc. to further spread the message. It has to be high-quality content but it can work wonders.

These little “gifts” will help boost your presence, promote your company’s name, and gain interest for your business. So always remember, treat your current customers well, and strive to give potential new customers what it is they want. Manage this, and you’ll do great.