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Chris Bell

Why Hand Out Free Tote Bags at Conferences and Events?

If you’re heading to a conference or event, you might want to take along some promotional items. It can sometimes be tricky to choose your freebie, but you’ll find it hard to go wrong with tote bags. Here are just a few key benefits.

Free Advertising

You can’t put a price on good advertising – luckily, providing free tote bags doesn’t demand much in the way of investment, and it can still yield big returns. A properly branded tote bag will advertise your business to everyone that views it, not just those who carry it, so you’ll improve name recognition and stay on people’s minds.

Instantly Useful

People get given plenty of promotional items at conferences and events, so it clearly pays to stand out. Branded tote bags can be visually striking, but what’s more important is their practicality.  A tote bag will be immediately useful; attendees can store anything from conference materials to other promotional items. If you provide an item that can be appreciated right away, people are going to look kindly on your business.

Surprisingly Economical

People often assume that promotional tote bags are expensive. It’s true that they aren’t as cheap as some promotional items, but they boast a strong cost-to-value ratio. Tote bags can be made from cotton or canvas, both of which are cost-effective materials. For a relatively low price, you’ll have a very effective marketing tool.

Ongoing Use

Most promotional items aren’t ever used. Others are quickly thrown away, either because they aren’t needed or because they wear out. That’s not the case with tote bags. They should be made from durable fabrics, so they can last for years without tearing or wearing through. And people will want to keep them – whether you want to carry groceries, hold your gym kit, or store laundry, there’s always a way to use a tote bag.


Finally, tote bags are eco-friendly. Of course, that isn’t always the case, but it usually is thanks to the popularity of cotton and canvas. It’s always nicer to go eco-friendly when you can, and doing so presents a positive impression to the consumer.