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Chris Bell

Creating A Pleasant Working Environment

The impact of a working environment on productivity cannot be overstated. In fact, it is perhaps one of the biggest factors in determining how well employees will perform, second only to leadership skills.

So, given how important a working environment is, how do you go about ensuring that your office space is having a positive impact? It isn’t as difficult as you might be thinking, with just a few key changes having an overwhelmingly positive impact on employee mental wellbeing.


There is nothing as off-putting as architecture or a working environment that does not have sufficient lighting. This is in regards to both the natural and artificial variety. Well designed, broad, expansive windows that let in natural light are immensely beneficial in a number of ways. This goes double for skylights, which offer not only a vast amount of natural light, but can also have a significant mental benefit.

In terms of artificial light, bright, white light is always best. Working environments should be equally lit, with no dead spots, and plenty of light for everyone in the venue. Some are tempted to try and save on electricity bills by using lighting sparingly, but the small savings in this regard are never worth a dimly lit office space.

Plants And Pleasantries

Should your business be online betting or advertising, the benefits of pleasantries cannot be overlooked. A simple plant will go a long way to adding a touch of colour and life to an office, so much so that it is virtually a necessity. Simple, hardy plants that require minimal attention are easily accessible, and will add more than a bit of life to a venue.

Other pleasantries, such as framed motivational posters are also excellent in keeping a space lively and colourful at Though, which will work best according to your business is up to you. The important factor to keep in mind is that vast, blank walls are best avoided.

Office Layout

Planning your office layout, and making best use of the space, is another extremely important aspect. Having cramped employees that are uncomfortable is guaranteeing poor performance. Always ensure that there are clear, easily understood pathways through the office, allowing anyone who needs to move about enough space to do so.

Also ensure that there is easy access to the bathrooms and kitchen, as well as a smooth route to all the fire exits.

Water Coolers And Other Luxuries

Lastly; yes, the jokes about water coolers being social gathering places are endless. Indeed, many tend to gather around water coolers, or coffee machines, as an excuse to have a conversation and crack a few jokes. Attempting to prevent this is the exact wrong approach.

Instead, embracing this culture, and allowing employees small, comfortable gathering spots is the right move. Employees need places to take a little break, and denying them this is sure to lower morale. Ensure that there are water cooler gathering spots for your employees, and even consider this as a good place for your previously mentioned plant.