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Chris Bell

Tips For Quick Exercise Routines

Finding enough time to focus on your business is difficult enough, how is anyone also expected to find enough time to exercise? It is an understandable conundrum, but also a very serious problem. Getting enough exercise is enormously important, and a key factor in staying healthy. So what are the solutions?

It turns out that by adjusting how exercise is seen, it can be squeezed into even the busiest of schedules. Or to put it another way; changing how you see exercise is key to finding the time for it.

It Doesn’t Need Much Time

A common perception of exercise is that you need a minimum of an hour, if not more, to get a decent workout. It is this perception that puts off most career driven people, since that amount of time is beyond what can be sacrificed.

The good news is that an hour is certainly not needed to achieve a reasonable workout routine. A good workout needs roughly 15 to 20 minutes, assuming that it is carefully planned. Finding a 15 minute workout online is easy, and also free.

You Don’t Need A Gym

Another misconception is that a gym is needed for a good workout. Who has time to drive to a gym, workout, shower, and drive back to work? Good news again; a gym is not at all necessary. All that is needed for a workout is a small open space, and firm floor.

Lunges, crunches, and yoga will keep in you in shape, and do not require expensive gym equipment. You could likely get in some yoga during a lunch hour, and still have time left over to visit a few Australian betting sites. So there is very little excuse, and anyone who claims that they did not have 15 minutes during their day is likely not making the effort.

Home Gym

If you do feel like you need assistance to maximise your home workout, small, convenient dumbbells are an excellent option. A small set of dumbbells occupy very little space, and can enhance your workout immensely. They can be kept in a corner at home, or even in your office, and well turn a 15 minute workout into something easily the equivalent of having hit the gym.

A yoga mat is also easily rolled up and tucked away, and offers a comfortable space on any firm floor to get in those essential 15 minutes.

Clear Your Mind

Another factor to consider is that exercise is not just a good idea, it may also be the key to unlocking your full potential. A quick workout in the morning will clear your mind, increase your energy, and potentially boost performance in all other parts of your life. In this regard, it can be seen that exercise is a key part of your day, and as important as remembering to iron your best work clothes.

Simply adding these 15 extra minutes to your morning routine may well be the best decission you ever made, and bring your entire work/life balance into the best position it has ever been.