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Chris Bell

Do Not Try To Beat The Market

We know that the Forex market is not your best friend. This is not your friend who is going to tell you all of its secrets in the first meeting. Most of the traders think of their first trade it is easy to make money in Forex. They do not take time to rethink their idea of the market when they began to lose money. If you think that trading in Forex is easy and you can take the market down, you are not thinking on the right track. There had been a lot of people who were trying to take this market down and they were not successful. You should know that we will not take money from you when you are reading this article but we are only letting you know that you cannot take this market down. When this market seems like it is an ordinary market with trends and market signal, you will find that there are much more to it. A lot of people know this market and they can also tell you it is the big mistake in trying to take this market down.

This market has its own rhythm

Majority of the traders don’t understand the nature and structure of the Forex market. They simply start trading the financial asset based on their gut feelings. But look at the professional traders in the United Kingdom. You will be surprised to see that most of them are trading the live asset with a reputed broker like Saxo after gaining proper knowledge of this industry. You need to train yourself very hard or else you will be losing money like the 95% of the traders.

The market always moves in favor of the long-term trend. But this doesn’t mean that the trend of the market is absolute and it will never change. To be precise most of the time the market favors the long-term trend. As a currency trader, it’s your duty to find out the trend of this market and place your trade with proper risk management. In the CFD trading industry, the biggest challenge is to trade with the market rhythm. You need to have enough knowledge to decipher the price movement and find the true trend of the currency pair. But even after following all the details be prepare to embrace some managed loss.

Why cannot you take this market down?

The first question that comes to your mind is why the traders can’t take this market down. We know that a lot of people will find it the hard way but if you read our article, you will know that this market is not your local market. When you are trading in a stock market or you had experience in stock trading of your local market, you know these markets can be rigged. Big companies and groups of the countries rig stock markets for their profits. This Forex market is globally traded and there are no ways this market can be rigged. You will see sometimes that there are false signals and fake trends but you will understand them with your experience. When a lot of people are trading in this market and trying to rig, the only successful are traders who trade the market with their own strategy and make their profit.

The trends are always moving up and down

If your idea to take the market is by trading on the market movement, you are not quite wrong but you have misunderstood the trading with the trends concept. When you can make a lot of money with following the trends trying to trade against it is not a good idea. The trend is where the money is and you want your bet to land in the pool of money. You do not want to trade in the dry market and if you try to go against the trend you will do that.