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Chris Bell

3 Revolutionary Devices in Business Technology

Technology is changing how we live and how we work. Take a look at how things were just a decade or two ago and you wouldn’t see a resemblance on how they are today. With that said, each year brings about new models of products that are aimed to make things run more efficiently.

In the home sector, for instance, you now have home automation devices in UK homes and throughout the globe. They provide remote management of lights, thermostats and appliances via companies such as ADT security. And when it comes to the business sector, business technology is likewise too getting much needed advancements via devices that improve daily business operations.

What devices are making the biggest noise in business technology? Take a look at these 3 devices:

  1. HELLO – The Most Advanced Video Communication Device

These days, more businesses have an increased number of remote workers than ever before. And even when there aren’t remote workers present, businesses have to sometimes hold meetings with other businesses or clients. Not all meetings are practical to do face-to-face, so that’s where HELLO, a video communication device comes into play. The device provides broadcasting in real-time as well as wireless screen sharing, security surveillance, motion detection and voice control. Using HELLO, workers can remotely use supported platforms such as Skype, WebEX, Google Hangouts, Cisco WebEx and others. 

  1. Dell Canvas 27

The Dell Canvas 27 is for creative employees such as artists, graphic designers and video editors. It is a 27-inch monitor that is touch sensitive that connects to a computer where it is then used for image drafting (done by hand or by a stylus pen). Having this large size monitor helps provide a more in-depth, closer look at projects that could not be viewed as well on a normal screened computer. Creative individuals will benefit greatly having this device at hand, no matter what they are working on.

  1. Typlet T1S

The Typlet T1S is transforming projection displays. For starters, it’s more advanced than any other business projector in the market and works with Windows and Android. To use it, the projection can be aimed at any surface, such as walks, tables and anywhere else that has a flat surface. The truly unique thing about the Typlet T1S is that once it’s projecting an image, it is touch-sensitive, so it can be interacted with, unlike a standard display screen. Image sizes include 14” to 90” images, yet it only has a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels.

These 3 devices are changing how businesses operate. In time, future technology advancements will only improve and steer businesses down a path of better daily operations. After all, technology serves to enhance how we do things.