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Does Your Business Need a New Office Space to Facilitate Company Growth?

It’s an old saying in the industry about how a business that’s not growing is a dying one, and there is quite a bit of truth in this. As a business owner, it is necessary for you to not only work towards bringing more business to your company, but also to understand the growing needs of your organization and provide it with the resources for catering to all that extra business. This applies everywhere, and in every industry, so the resources in question may differ according to the nature of the particular trade and the specific scenario, but usually, the office space is one of the common areas where all companies need to expand on eventually for supporting business growth. Stay with us as we dig deeper and discuss points regarding why an office expansion is often a requirement and when you should start considering it.

A Bigger, Better Office Creates a Bigger, Better Impression

The concept here is quite straightforward and simple; clients will automatically and invariably be more impressed with a large office space, as compared to a smaller office space. Older clients will see your new shiny office as a sign that your business is doing well, which in turn will inspire confidence about the company in their minds. This could lead to longer business relationships, revival of expired contracts and even the all-important word-of-mouth marketing from impressed clients, as they will tell their peers about you, who are also most likely your potential clients. That is what creates reputation for a business in the real world and would prove to be immensely helpful, whether you are a B2C or a B2B organisation.

In case of new clients however, since they have not seen your old office, the impression will be only as good as the office is, which in any case, has to be better than what it would be if you still had your old office, which you know was less impressive compared to this one. Upgrading your office is truly a win-win scenario, as far as making a better impression and even increasing sales is concerned.

How Big Should It Be?

Now that we have established some of the main benefits of having a larger office space, the question is, how much office space? The term “big” can mean anything from an entire building of your own, to having the whole floor of an office building registered to your company’s name. You can find out exactly how big your office should be and an in-depth breakdown of what to consider on They are professional interior designers and a workplace consultancy company, so you can rest assured that the kind of area they suggest after taking your specific requirements and budget into consideration, will likely be the best fit for the expansion. The leads to Amos Beech’s guidance page, which in itself contains valuable information regarding the factors which your choice of size should be based on, as well as detailed suggestions on how to make the new office somewhat futureproof and maximise your investment.

How Do You Know that You Stand to Benefit from a Bigger Office?

We have already discussed how getting a bigger office is a win-win scenario in terms of making an impression, but it will require a significant amount of investment and, unless you have it planned for a long time, the decision to expand should also be justifiable by other practical and functional reasons. Look for signs that are usually clear indications of exactly that, such as the ones we will go through next.

You Need to Hire More Employees but Space is a Problem

When all that marketing and networking efforts start to pay off, you will need more employees to handle the extra workload. However, if you find yourself worrying about where the new employees will sit in the office, it is most definitely a clear sign that a larger office is now a necessity! In fact, if your current employees are already seated in close, crowded spaces, it’s also a reason to upgrade because working in cramped areas can hamper productivity and make employees more stressed out than they should be.

You Consciously Feel a Little Embarrassed When New Clients Come In

Whenever a client walks in through your doors, they will all take a look at your office space first and that is what creates the first impression, which often is the strongest one. If they look around and see employees busily working side-by-side, rubbing shoulders and elbows like they are in a crowded public transport, it will not leave a great impression! If you feel a little embarrassed about showing your clients around the office because you do not want to reveal the fact that a tiny room and a single table is being shared by multiple employees, it is time to think about that bigger office. Small, cramped offices give off the impression that the organization is either too small or too cheap to be considered reliable enough.

The Air Conditioning Feels Inadequate

When you put too many people within a small space, the air-conditioning in the office will not work like it should, or an excessively powerful unit will have to work overtime, which will raise your power bills quite significantly, further adding to the list of unnecessary costs.

You Can’t Accommodate New Equipment, Facilities or Furniture

A growing business will need more equipment, facilities and furniture to match the increasing demands of both the customers and the employees, so, if you are left scratching your head whenever you try to find a space for that new copy-print machine, soda machine or just a new desk and some chairs for your employees, an upgrade is on the cards.

Signs that You Need a Better Office Space

There are other reasons for changing office than simply a lack of space and some of them can be absolute deal breakers, even if the actual space is large enough. Now that we have covered the important points regarding why a bigger office is better and how to know if you need one right now, let’s discuss the signs that should tell you that irrespective of the size, you need a better office first.

Your Office Architecture is Ancient and Poor

Some of the older offices are designed poorly, which doesn’t suit the needs of modern-day business. If it feels archaic, then consider a remodelling project first, but if the estimated budget of the required modifications feels a bit too much, then you are probably going to find better value for your money by moving your office to a more suited, modern setting with preferably a bit more space as well.

The Office Building Violates the City’s Codes

Every building must abide by fire and safety codes, alongside meeting a bunch of other legal stipulations. If your office is getting fined by the city on a regular basis because the building doesn’t conform to any one or multiple of those codes, move out and set up in a more legally abiding structure as soon as possible to save on fines and avoid being shut down by the government.

How Bad is the Commute?

Now, an office shouldn’t be changed on account of only your commuting convenience, especially if the location is in an ideal position that suits the needs of your business. However, if you, your employees and even your clients are on the same page regarding the commuting inconveniences, it is going to be a better idea to set up shop in a place that doesn’t take so much time to reach. Time lost in commute is equivalent to lost productivity and clients as well.

How is the Heating and Insulation in the Current Office?

A well-insulated and heated office should feel warm and cosy, even in a snowy February, but when you find yourself and your employees working inside with their jackets and hats on, it is a clear indication that the heating and insulation isn’t good enough. There are times when this can be solved by sealing up gaps and changing faulty equipment, but at others, the problem is just too great and moving out of the office is the only solution. It comes under your moral and legal obligations to provide your employees with a safe and secure working space, but since the bitter cold can and will affect the health of the people in your office, moving to a workplace with proper heating is a no-brainer.

A bad office can dip office morale, cut down productivity, interfere with the health of the employees and cause you to lose business because of bad impressions. In case you can relate to any of the problems or advantages that we discussed here, then first make a list of what your priorities and reasons are for getting a new office and then use the Amos Beech website to find the right size and fit for your specific business needs, before actually committing to the expansion.