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Chris Bell

E-commerce trends to watch out for this decade

E-commerce, the now largely embraced norm worldwide. E-commerce has been recording a 10 percent growth since the year 2010. this growth seems to be accelerating each year, and the good news is, it has been fully embraced in our businesses today. Research proves that e-commerce is more prevalent among millennials who make 60 percent of the world’s population. This fact has seen a significant shift in the numbers of online purchasing. For instance, in 2019, 17 percent of retail sales in the United States of America were made online. This is attributed to several trends that have made e-commerce an almost face-wash easy affair. Take an example of a social media platform like Facebook and Instagram. A platform that was designed to share pictures with friends on the internet is now used to make purchases online just by hitting several clicks and conversations with suppliers. The future of e-commerce doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Let us look at e-commerce trends to expect in this century and beyond.

Parcel Delivery
Logistics industry fear that if e-commerce growth keeps accelerating, they could suffer a dramatic collapse in their services and capabilities. But shippers in the shipping industry today understand e-commerce global parcel delivery trends and can take steps in their endeavour to achieving disruption-free operations. Some of the e-commerce parcel delivery trends to expect soon are modifications of what we have today. Some of them will include
Predictive analysis to understand inventory, current forecasts and logistics industry demand including parcels as well. Retailers will also be able to free resources in the supply chain by using storefronts as distribution centres. This aspect will create a massive competitive advantage.

Re-commerce, better known as the second-hand e-commerce market, is slowly but swiftly familiarizing itself in the online purchasing space. This is set to explode soon. Some of the critical factors that play host to this growing trend include increased demand on sustainability, ability to cheaply source sought-after products, and the need to stay ahead in fashion trends and the rest of industries. The demand for second-hand goods has been spread far and wide, and platforms like Facebook marketplace are more utilised than specific niche sites. This is more about selling products that can be returned for resale without tampering with their quality. It is going to be surprisingly profitable.

Progressive Web Application for E-commerce
While undergoing your business, you would want to have the experience of a native mobile app through a website. PWA gives you that experience. Many e-commerce websites have and are continuing to utilise this powerful tool. But this is improving over time and is spilling over too many websites, both social and e-commerce.

There are plenty of e-commerce trends to expect in this decade, including the expansion of fulfilment options, dynamic pricing, companies embracing brick and mortar, fast-fashion adoption and much more. E-commerce is taking over in the coming decades and its time to stay competitive as a supplier and informed as a buyer. Please make the most out of it.