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Chris Bell

Essential Milan Guide for the Business Traveller

Travelling to Milan for any reason at all would have the most seasoned of travellers excited about what lies ahead, but there are some essentials to bear in mind if you’re heading into this colossal metro for business purposes.

Dress to kill

How do you distinguish yourself as someone who “means business” in a city known to be one of the fashion capitals of the entire world? Well, you dress to kill, of course, but more to the tune of power dressing. Seriously, someone in a tailored suit just commands that extra bit of respect in this part of the world and things get done for you much quicker and more efficiently. I guess it’s an open secret now…

Explore the city

Get to know the city by perhaps arriving a day earlier than that on which you plan to go about your business exploits, or you can maybe leave this suggested time for leisure for a day afterwards. It’s probably better to do it before, so that you can get to know the city, such as maybe taking one of those city attractions bike tours to cover as many of the main attractions as possible. We’re talking here the likes of the Duomo Milan Cathedral and Basilicia Di Sant’Ambarogio, to name but just two of many top attractions to see in Milan.

Move around

Thanks to accommodation options such as those available through Day Break Hotels, choices particularly suited to the business traveller are aplenty. It’s not even just about having access to short-term hotels as an alternative to traditional overnight stays, but also being able to make use of the services of luggage storage. Being able to safely and securely store your luggage at an affordable rate gives you the freedom to move around more, as will probably be required while your business dealings (and a bit of leisure) unfold.