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Chris Bell

How We Helped a Data Analysis Business Build up a Track-Record

As a business consultant, I know all about how sceptical people can be about your services, until such time that they actually need them, that is! To a certain extent I guess I understand where most people are coming from in terms of their attitude towards services such as business consulting. It’s a lot like how if someone who claims to have a winning betting strategy tries to sell that supposedly successful strategy to you, instead of keeping mum and raking in the money actually applying that strategy, over and over again…

Data analysis plays a big role in the success of a business consultancy operation, which is why we jumped at the chance to help a new data analysis business build up a track record so that we could operate side-by-side with them and effectively enjoy a competitive advantage through this strategic collaboration. Here’s how we did it:

Leveraging an 888 free bet promotion to create value

Building up some kind of track record, in any field you’re active in, requires you to give some value away in trying to prove that you can offer tangible value. So in the case of someone like a web developer, you could target some businesses that don’t have websites and perhaps offer to build them one for free. You would then proceed to use those live sites as published examples with which to showcase your work. However, when it comes to the services of a data analyst, we had to think a little bit outside the box and make use of an 888 free bet code to showcase the potential value that can be offered by a data analyst, since it can otherwise become very easy for prospects to feel as if these are some services they can very well render themselves. They have a hard time seeing value in these kinds of services if there isn’t some kind of track record.

Now, we built this track record by simply collecting data such as where to get bonus betting credit, which we then paired with statistical data around winning-odds and peak participation among other online sports bettors, so as to take advantage of the biggest rolling jackpots. All of this was brought together to come up with the best odds of winning some good money merely betting on sports, advice which went on to create a couple of very happy winners on some wagers they put money on, over the weekend’s sports!

Why we chose the 888 free bet offer in particular

So we selected the 888sport free bet offer in particular because this way when the data analyst in question is constructing their track-record via the giving away of some value, the whole exercise is not one which has them spending too much of their own capital. It’s like the equivalent of creating joint-venture websites for businesses that don’t have one, on condition that a small portion of the sales they make via those websites is reserved for the web developer who is trying to build up their track record and portfolio in this way!

It’s a win-win…win…