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Chris Bell

Exploring the Day Use Hotels Market

From the business perspective that inherently develops within any entrepreneur or business person who goes about their daily exploits, pretty much everything you come into contact with has you exploring the various enterprising dynamics surrounding it or those which are directly involved with it. So, if I’m heading into London for some business that’s only going to require of me to be in town during office hours, exploring the various day-use hotels on Day Break Hotels becomes about more than just finding a place to base myself.

My mind cannot help but entertain related topics such as what kind of people actually book hotel rooms which are typically occupied from around 9a.m. to 5p.m. This is out of pure interest as well as in consideration of any peripheral business opportunities that may arise. There are many other time-allocation options, of course, such as checking in at 5p.m. and then checking out at midnight.

One-Day Business Travellers

Entrepreneurs, businesspersons or even some employees under deployment typically use day-use hotels and I guess I’ve already explained the main reasoning for this. Additionally though, some travellers who simply need to get some quality sleep before jumping on their connecting flight also make up a big percentage of the clientele.

Digital Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

I know of some digital freelancers and online entrepreneurs, consultants, etc, who draw great value out of working from a different location every single workday, with day-use hotels making for a perfect alternative to hiring a formal office space. Digital influencers who like recording videos particularly delight in being able to do so from all manner of different hotel venues, including the business facilities some of these day-use hotels have on offer.

Daytime Lovers

Make of this what you will, but you know it happens and it only makes sense if you think about it from a practicality point of view. From lovers who live in multi-generational households to people just seeking a rendezvous point, daytime lovers contribute significantly to the day-use hotels market.

Day-Trippers Finally, people who are in town for a bit of day-time tourist fun might use day-use hotels to freshen up, catch up on a little bit of sleep, or just to store some of their luggage so that they can be free to explore and enjoy the city.