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Chris Bell

Six Ways to Protect Your Company Today

Your company faces multiple threats every day. From hackers, from your own employees, from customers – the list goes on. The fact is that unless you work to protect your company at all avenues, you will be targeted. Making yourself into less of a target through smart and strategic policies and systems is the best way to move forward, which is why you will want to invest in these six strategies today.  

  1. Install Monitoring Systems 

CCTV is a great first start, but where you are more at risk is within your digital system. Work with your IT department or outsource with an IT company to install automatic reporting and monitoring systems on your programs. This way, you will be able to tell if funds were illegally being reallocated, or if other suspicious behaviour was being conducted. 

2. Go Above and Beyond for Health and Safety 

Health and safety regulations are incredibly strict, and improving your working environment to mandatory levels is a feat unto itself. That being said, it is best to go above and beyond. Work to improve the wellness of your office and implement measures to promote and safeguard the mental health of your employees as well as ensure the office is safe to work in, for example. 

3. Create and Implement Anti-Harassment Policies 

Employees have the right not to be harassed or discriminated against at work, and though this is the law far too often issues arise because employees simply don’t know where the limits are. Work with different groups within your business to create comprehensive policies and review these policies on an annual basis (or more frequently) with your entire staff. 

4. Know the Process of Litigation 

When you or your company faces a lawsuit, you need to represent a unified front. Customers, other businesses, and even governments can file lawsuits against you or an employee. Though it is obvious to fight against litigation when it is your company that is being sued, it is equally important to represent your employees, especially when they were acting on behalf of your company and in line with company policy. 

Though hiring a lawyer to represent your company or employee is a natural first step, it is equally important to invest in expert testimonies. You can acquire these testimonies from Most negligence cases will require them, especially if you operate a medical practice. 

5. Stay On Top of Legal Changes 

Outsource experts so that you can stay on top of changes to the tax system, legal system, and to the laws that apply to the different countries or states you work with. Just because you were not made aware of the change does not mean you will not be held accountable. 

6. Invest in Dedicated IT Services

You must have dedicated IT services. Whether you have these IT specialists in-house or outsource is up to you and your budget. Their importance cannot be stressed enough. Hacking has lost companies billions. In 2017, for example, hackers stole $172 billion from companies. In order to prevent theft and data loss, IT and data security specialists are a must.