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Chris Bell

Finance & Insurance

The world is a global village, and since the onset of the new Millenium, companies have been interlinked online, often conducting business in multiple countries. Before, the challenge most startups faced was developing a vision and then turning the business idea into a reality. These days, an individual can come up with a practical business idea, however, setting up the company and maintaining it becomes the core challenge altogether. The demographics of registering a company and running it, all involve money. The internet has made it possible for individuals with startups to conduct business in different corners of the world even from the comfort of their homes. However, it is not as easy as it should be, because of the presence of online scammers, hackers, and fraudsters. Hong Kong is one of the major business hubs where it is conducive for corporations and small businesses to set up and run. This is because it has favorable tax laws, it only takes a couple of hours to register and launch a company, and it is also cheaper to obtain an operating license. As a result, there are numerous corporate service providers that are focused on helping clients set up and maintain their companies. In order to do this, the legislation of Hong Kong requires that each of these setups is certified as a registered company secretary. In other words, each of these company secretaries is also known as a ‘registered agent.’ They are responsible for facilitating the registration startups and companies within the jurisdiction of Hong Kong. 

Some of their responsibilities include an administrative follow up of the company while reviewing the accounting as well. They should also oversee the opening of a bank account in either one of the local banks in Hong Kong while validating that the laid out business structure of the company is in compliance with the laws and regulations of Hong Kong and of other mandated rules as laid out internationally. While guaranteeing that all, this is taken care of, they also need to do so in the presence of certified legal experts or lawyers who have knowledge of the corporate structure to ensure that they do not overlook certain laws or regulations which can cause your company to be suspended, fined, or shut down altogether. Not only is the company your adviser on matters business-related, but you keep in touch and they serve as administrators in your company helping you come up with timely solutions to ensure that your business in uninterrupted. You can check out the website of a company secretary here: (