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Chris Bell

Get an Unsecured Business Loan post-Brexit

Negotiations in Brussels between the British and EU continue to flounder, causing consternation among the leading party players.


For British manufacturers, this quarter has shown a marked increase in turnover, the fastest growth rate in over three years.

The weakness of the British Pound has reportedly led to an increase in competitiveness for British products primarily from the domestic market. However, there has also been an uptake in British goods from China, United States, Australia and Europe.

Data indicates that the foreign demand for British goods has grown at the fastest rate in the last quarter, reaching record levels in July. Orders from the USA and Europe show that confidence in British manufacturing is at its strongest since 1996.


The European Union, including Britain, has over 23 million small to medium sized operatives. These small businesses makeup 99% of all companies registered in the EU and provide 67% employment. They have become the backbone of the EU economy.

Not even fluctuation of British Sterling against foreign currencies has dampened the spirit of Small Business Enterprise Entrepreneurs. Global trade offers some of the biggest profit turning enterprises, and the SMEs who become the “middleman” is turning over big margins by giving foreign investors the platform they need to invest and trade in the UK.


Small business is expected to prop up the economy in both the UK and the EU in the post-Brexit years. As this applies to SMEs in the UK, now is the time to get a loan and get in on the ground floor.

If we are to believe the financial gurus, it is more important now to get the money a small business needs to form a buffer against inflation.

Make hay while the sun shines, is the term used to describe the best method of getting a foothold in the post-Brexit economy.

The UK Government’s endeavours to kick start the economy after the 2008 collapse made unsecured loans readily available from all types of lending facilities.

Now is the time to think about your business post-Brexit. Take advantage of the unsecured loan options and build your business for the future.