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Chris Bell

Green Business Trends for 2018

Being eco-friendly is always a trend that is worth following, still, not every business can go green in the same way. Some industries are simply more open towards certain methods and planet-friendly trends. Present day technology, however, tries to mitigate this and provide everyone with a chance to give back to Mother Earth, regardless of their industry and company size. With this in mind, here are several green business trends for 2018 that are bound to get your business labeled as green.

1.    Advances in plastic recycling industry

Next year is bound to be of vital significance when it comes to the issues of plastic recycling. You see, from February 19th to 21st there will be an important conference in Nashville, where all the major players will come together in order to discuss the future of this industry. Seeing how this year’s conference had over 1700 attendees, it might be great for your business if you yourself would be able to attend it in person. Here, you would be able to learn more about this growing trend and establish contact with those who share similar earth-friendly interests. For all those who plan to attend, it might be a good idea to book a hotel room in advance.

2.    Self-sustainable office

Another thing your business can benefit from is the notion of self-sustainability. One of the ways to achieve this is to try and make a zero-energy office. This plan consists of two major components A) lowering the power consumption of the place and B) helping your office generate its own energy.

The first of the two can be achieved through the installation of smart thermostats, better insulation of the place and the replacement of incandescent light bulbs with LED ones. As for the power generation, the most straightforward way of handling this is by combining solar panels on the top of your building with latest Tesla Powerwall battery technology. The Powerwall 2 costs about $5,500, which makes the purchase of such a storage unit more frugal than it ever was.

3.    Eco-friendly packaging

Package for your products is one of the best ways for a company to show their commitment to the eco-friendly causes. The only way in which this can be done is by opting for eco-friendly materials. There are many different ideas on how this can be achieved, but the key principles you need to follow in order to get there are: easy disposal, great versatility (in hopes it will be reused) and avoiding plastics. It takes about 450 years for a single plastic bottle to completely biodegrade, while for some it may take even up to 1000 years.

4.    Green apps

Today, it is more than clear that the 21st century is the age of apps. This being said, in 2018 it is expected that green apps will get a massive boost in popularity. You see, in order to change the world, it is vital that we raise awareness on some of these pressing issues. A recent survey has shown that 85 percent of time people spend on their phones is on apps. With this in mind, app advertising might be the best way to educate people on some of these pressing matters.


Aside from sizable moves in the field of recycling, most of the trends that are expected to hit their peak in 2018 are already in the spotlight. The greatest difference, however, lies in the fact that the general public is starting to pay more and more notice to these issues, which means that going green now offers more incentive than it ever did before.