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Chris Bell

How to Become a Business Finance Broker

Are you thinking of becoming a business finance broker? Working in the banking industry is a tough job but it is also very rewarding. Watching a business that you have approved for a loan, flourish, is extremely rewarding and it is a very important role in the finance world. If our businesses are not growing, that is a sign of a slow economy which means fewer jobs and less extra cash left over at the end of the month. There are always companies out there who are looking to either develop new projects or expand their business. While banks can sometimes be the obvious choice for a loan, they are not always the best option when wanting to obtain a loan and you will find more often than not, that other financial institutions can offer you better terms. As a business finance broker, you can help your client find the right lender for them and help their business become a success. Below, you can find out more about how you can become a business finance broker.

Learn How to Broker Business Loans

If you are thinking about becoming is business finance broker, you will first need to put in years of hard work and study to get the qualifications that you need. There are technically no educational requirements needed to become a business loan broker, however, you will need to ensure that you have a solid understanding of finance and accounting of this is a career that you want to be successful in. For this reason, if maths was never one of your strongest subjects in school, it may be wiser to consider looking at an alternative career path that better suits your skills. Brokers have to understand the workings and all of your client’s specific financing needs. You’ll need to know how exactly the business is run and also understand how its bookkeeping and accounts are managed. While you can learn this information on your own, we would definitely recommend taking a university course on this subject.

Get Work Experience

One of the best ways to learn any new skills or jobs is to take a hands-on approach and get some work experience! You can work in a financial institution and commercial loan brokerages. This will allow you to train with the professionals and wrap your head around all of the basics.

Processing a Loan

The final step is to learn how to process a loan all by yourself. You will need to perfect your process to allow you to quickly establish a completed file about the client for the lender. You’ll find that many brokers will create spreadsheets and this allows them to analyse what the client’s debt coverage ratio will be. You’ll also need to be astute at checking tax returns and knowing what exactly to watch out for.

Think business loan brokering could still be the job for you? Follow these steps to start your new career path today!


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