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Chris Bell

Restaurant Design Ideas on A Budget

When it comes to running a restaurant in today’s climate, it is a very tough task to make it a success. As we all know, however, we not only visit restaurants just for the delicious food, but also for the atmosphere and surroundings. Even if a restaurant serves fantastic food, if the interior design is looking old and shabby then this will be detrimental to the whole experience and can even stop some customers from returning. If you want an impeccable restaurant interior design, then you will need a deep understanding of your restaurant’s concept and the type of atmosphere and vibe that you are trying to create.

In the age of social media, having a cool interior design in your restaurant can benefit you in so many ways. A fantastic interior quickly gains an audience on social platforms and since your customers are your best form of advertisement, any interaction on these platforms about your cool interior design is a great thing.

Below, you can find some interior design tips that could look great in your restaurant.

Include Beautiful Plants

One of the easiest ways in which you can add a fresh touch to any restaurant is by adding some plants. Of course, whilst running a busy restaurant, you will want to include plants which are low maintenance and don’t require much attention and watering. Plants can be updated on a rotating basis to keep your restaurant feeling fresh and vibrant. If your budget allows it, you can include different plants each and every week. Bringing the outdoors in will suit the theme of many restaurants and the food on offer.

Showcase Art

Another great way to make your restaurant theme unique and interesting is you add lots of art to your walls. We would even suggest using local artists work as a show that you support the local community which always goes down a treat.

DIY Lighting

While some of the very fancy and luxurious restaurants suit having a grand chandelier in the centre of the restaurant, this is not the best option for every theme. In fact, incorporating DIY lighting is the perfect way to define a space and create the specific mood that you want it. As long as you have the right electrical work already in place, DIY lighting is a breeze. For example, a cool idea would be to use old glass jars and hag them with lightbulbs for a cool and eye-catching light fixture.

Unique Seating Options

Booths and stools are very common in restaurants, so why not switch things up a little and stand out from the crowd with unique seating. Mixing and matching different chairs is the quickest and easiest way to do this.

If you are indecisive or are not sure how best to design your new restaurant, why not call in a commercial design expert? They can help you with the interior development to create a space that is exactly what you had imagined.


Images: Pixabay