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Chris Bell

How to get the best insurance for the over 65s

Once you hit your fifties, travel-insurance premiums start to rise and, by the time you get to 65, some insurers won’t cover you at all.

As they see it, the older you get, the more of a risk you are for medical claims, and some insurers will charge you up to double what a younger traveller would pay. That said, plenty of companies deal in insurance for the over-65s. Here’s how to find the right policy for you.

1 Find a specialist. You could start with a broker, such as or, which deals in policies for the over-65s. Then compare the results with companies such as Saga (, All Clear Travel (, PJ Hayman (, Columbus Direct (, World First ( and Insurance With (, which all provide cover at least up to age 79, sometimes older. If you’re 80 or above, Age UK’s policies have no upper age limit (

2 Choose between a single- or a multi-trip policy. Single-trip insurance is often cheaper for older travellers and will cover those of more advanced years than multi-trip. For example, World First single-trip policies cover travellers up to the age of 100, whereas its annual multi-trip policies only go up to age 79.

3 If you’re looking at group policies, the premiums are calculated based on the oldest or riskiest policyholder. So, if you’re buying insurance for you and your partner, or the whole family, and one person is older or dealing with a medical condition, it could be cheaper to look at individual policies.