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Chris Bell

How to Get the Best Out of Your Employees

Your employees are the human resources that keep your business afloat. It doesn’t matter if you have five people working beneath you or five hundred; the same principles apply in helping your company grow, thrive, and offer the best possible service to customers. This article is all about squeezing that extra bit of value from each and every staff member – a process that you’ll see reflected in improved customer experiences, better workload management, and a higher, more precise quality of work completed on a timely and consistent basis. Here’s how you’ll do it.

Reward Structures

Most workplaces have an incentive structure in place that rewards the top-performing employees on a regular basis to encourage top-notch work. These, at their most basic, can include an ‘employee of the month’ award, or some form of monetary bonus for completing excellent work within a fixed period of time. Staff love incentives and rewards will never outweigh the hard work they inspire.


Getting the most out of your employees is also about hearing what they have to say about their experiences in the workplace. You never know what a feedback form, filled out via, might reveal about your business. You also never know what will come to light in the privacy and intimacy of a one-on-one conversation in your office. Either way, you should ensure that there are multiple communication channels open to your employees for them to be comfortable sharing grievances with you and your management team.


There are various types of support that you can extend to your employees in the workplace. One of these is emotional support – helping those who have problems at home by taking them aside and offering them a little time off. You can also support working parents by shifting their hours around their children’s needs. Finally, you can support them in the job at hand by offering to shift workloads between employees to help alleviate the burden of a heavy in-tray on your most diligent of staff.


Sometimes, as a manager, you’ll realize that there’s a skills shortage in your office that’s hindering your workforce’s efficiency. Often, this will result in errors made at work, and frustration from your team that they’re unable to perform work smoothly and competently. It’s crucially important that you address these inadequacies by organizing training sessions for your staff, helping them gain the valuable skills that they’ll reinvest back into their work performance over the months ahead.


Finally, every staff member appreciates high-quality and well-maintained facilities. These can include everything from showers – for those who gym or cycle before work – to a well-equipped kitchen that allows staff to make healthy and revitalizing food while at the office. Whatever your staff needs, see they’re catered for, where possible, with the addition of new facilities that’ll help them feel more valued at work. If you’re on a low office budget, a potted plant, painting, or new music system can go a long way to helping your employees feel valued and motivated, too.

These five pieces of advice are designed to help management find ways to get the very best performances out of their staff – ultimately leading to higher profits and greater satisfaction as a result.