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Chris Bell

How To Introduce Your Organisation At Exhibitions

Image Source: Pixabay

When you hire a booth at a trade show or exhibition, there is much to consider. The location and design of your booth will play a large part in your success, or lack of it, as the case may be, while how you introduce your organisation is also something to think about. If you are a relative newcomer to trade shows and exhibitions, here are some tips on how best to introduce your company and its products.

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  • Make Good Use Of Technology By carefully positioning a couple of medium-sized screens, you can loop your company introduction video (which shouldn’t be any longer than 3-4 minutes) to play continuously. Video is a powerful way to introduce any organisation, as it utilises sight and sound to get your message across, and a short film that outlines the company and what they are about will arouse some interest. If you look for a contractor that builds custom exhibition stands, they will be able to make some recommendations to make best use of available technology.
  • Put Your Best Foot Forward – Your star salespeople are the ones who should be on the front line during an exhibition, and armed with some printed media, they can engage with the visitors as they pass. If your team hasn’t had too much sales training, just before a trade show is the ideal time for a refresher course in the basics, and make sure the members of your team are motivated and have everything they need.
  • Reach More People – Most exhibition halls have very high ceilings, and by hanging some graphics directly above your stand, you are getting your message to a wider group. This can draw visitors to the stand, as they liked what they saw and would like to know more. Discuss the potential of overhead signage with your stand erector, who can help you to design something that will stand out for maximum effect. There are some more tips available online on how to make the best out of a trade fair.

Image Source: Pixabay

  • Friendly And Approachable By Nature – Your sales team should all be friendly and approachable, which instantly makes the visitor feel at home. By actively showing an interest in the prospect by asking the right questions, you are showing you are genuinely interested in helping them solve a specific issue, and should the prospect wish to learn more, you will have your brochures and other promotional media at the ready.
  • Prepare Greeting Scripts – While you can vary the delivery, the content of your introduction should be something you know by heart. Making eye contact with the prospect is important, and with a firm handshake, you can hand some printed media to the visitor as you lead them to a particular display or seating area.

As the time draws near to the opening day of the show, check and double check that you have everything you need, and with daily motivational sessions before you open for business, your sales staff will be pumped up and ready to showcase your products and fill the order books.