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Chris Bell

How to Maintain a Professional Appearance and Hygiene at Work

When you’re in the workplace, you want to appear professional, smart, and well-groomed in order to present the best possible version of yourself to your employer, your colleagues, and your clients. Grooming, for both men and women, is, therefore, a serious business – something you should take seriously to ensure you’re not judged over a dishevelled or careless appearance. This article outlines five ways in which you can maintain a professional and hygienic persona throughout your working life, building a reputation for professionalism that’ll take you far in your line of work.

Your Clothing

A creased shirt, stained clothing or worn accessories all communicate someone who is unable to take the proper amount of care over their personal appearance – and this is all too easily translated to a reputation of general carelessness and unprofessional conduct. To make sure your clothing oozes class, confidence, and professionalism, then, you should make sure your clothes are clean, ironed and smelling great every morning to ensure your attire is on point while in the workplace.

Your Hair

Next up is your hair. It’s one of the most noticeable features of your whole personal appearances when done badly – and one of the best indicators of professionalism when you’re taking care to make it look good. Perform a great hair health routine to keep it dandruff-free and grease-free, and ensure that you arrange it before you arrive into work. If you wear a helmet or a hat on your commute, make sure you’ve got hair products with you in the office to do a touch-up in the bathrooms before you start your day.

Your Fragrance

If you commute in via a bicycle or a busy commuter train, it might be worth investing in a strong deodorant to help your underarms throughout the day – or, better still, if your office has shower facilities, you can use them before you start your day. Apply a little fragrance to top it off to really seem professional and clean.

Your Oral Hygiene

There can be nothing more off-putting than smelling the breath of a co-worker in the office. You don’t want to be known for foul-smelling breath, and so it’s important that you observe perfect dental health practices. The dental supplies company, Kent Express, will help you to keep your teeth shining, and your mouth minty-fresh, throughout the day. Take a look at to purchase top quality products.

Your Face

While makeup shouldn’t be a must for a woman in the office, many do choose to wear some to appear more professional – it’s the effort that you make to show you’re professional and ready to concentrate on work. The same grooming applies to men, minus the mascara: eyebrow plucking, moisturising, and a general facial cleanse and groom – including a shave – can make a world of difference to your overall appearance. Groom yourself well to complete your professional and hygienic look.

If you want to appear more professional in the workplace, these five tips should help you dramatically improve your appearance, communicating professionalism to all those you work with and for.