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Chris Bell

New Aspect CEO Explains CCaaS Expansion

Back in February 2019, private equity firm Vector Capital acquired Aspect Software, resulting in a $100 million investment into Aspect’s business. Now, Aspect is soon to expand its CCaaS by revamping one of its current solutions, Via.

This raises some questions like: “What’s the purpose of Via?” and “What additional perks does Via offer?”

Newly installed CEO, Patrick Dennis, has spoken out on this subject. Let’s take a look at what he has to say to get some clarity on these very questions.

Dennis’ Plans for Aspect

From the get-go, Dennis wanted to take Aspect Via and run with it. For the uninitiated among us, Aspect Via is best described as a “next-gen contact centre-as-a-service (CCaaS) solution.” The company has been developing this platform for roughly five years, but it’s been available for customers to purchase since 2017.

“The Via program is a great program,” Dennis believes, so naturally he set his attention on it. He aimed to revamp the system to bring a renewed focus on the needs of enterprise customers.

Despite the dawning of cloud-based comms systems and their rise in popularity, the majority of Aspect’s enterprise customers don’t have plans to transfer over to a public cloud (at least not in the near future). So, in the words of Aspect’s CMO, Michael Harris, Aspect’s “strategy is to focus Via on those clusters of customers that need a more manageable migration from their existing deployment to the cloud.”

How Does Via Work?

According to Dennis, Via is a comprehensive CCaaS and workforce optimisation (WFO) portfolio. As part of Via’s product development, Dennis identified “clusters” of customers, and has created a solution to meet the needs of these specific audiences, one at a time.

Dennis describes Via as a Swiss army knife, i.e., a series of tools located in one place, each designed to provide a solution to individual problems.

This is what Via has to offer:

  • Support for interaction management, WFO and self-service apps.
  • Real-time and historical reporting across all areas of your business.
  • Personalised and role-based UX for agents, team leaders and administrators.
  • APIs to support external integrations.

Not to mention, Via is available on the cloud, as well as other hosted environments.

Enterprise customers with highly sensitive data are drawn to this solution because not only is it highly scalable, but it’s also incredibly secure.

Plus, as the needs of your business change, adding (or taking away) various applications is an effortless process. As such, customers have the option of tailoring their contact centre solution to suit their exact needs.

Looking to the Future

It seems Via is Aspect’s secret weapon to conquering a market brimming with enterprise-level customers. With its tailor-made solutions and innovative development, Dennis may well be right when he says that Via is the key to Aspect’s future success.