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Chris Bell

How does technology reduce the burden of knowledge on entrepreneurs?

Technology continues to influence the business world as time moves forward. If you are an entrepreneur running your own company, you will know how much tech matters to your daily operations. One area that tech could help out in a more personal way though is how it could reduce the burden of knowledge on business owners.

What is this burden of knowledge? In a business sense, it relates directly to the issue of a single person shouldering all the responsibility for handling one business area and the pressure this can bring. For business owners, it can also simply mean the pressure they feel when taking in vast amounts of information needed to run every part of their company successfully. This can heighten stress levels and have you running around in circles, trying to remember everything and do it all correctly!

When we think about technology helping entrepreneurs with this burden, a lot centres on how tech takes away this pressure. By employing the right tools in your business, you can let technology handle key tasks for you. What specific areas can technology help with here?


A lot of business owners will choose to invest some of their profits in global financial markets to make more money. Heading into these markets can bring about this burden of knowledge as you must know what you are doing before risking company money. This is not always a quick and easy task, and it can prove too daunting for many entrepreneurs. Even if you do learn what is required, you may not feel confident enough in having sole responsibility for putting it into practice.

There is a solution to learning all this complex knowledge and having it rattling around your head. Automated trading platforms use complex codes and robotic technology to handle investments for you. These platforms not only work independently to find the best investment opportunities but also place the trades for you. They require no prior knowledge in the financial markets to use and involve no arduous work to use on your part. The Bitcoin Trader is a popular auto trading platform that is ideal for reducing the burden of knowledge when investing.

Accounting and finance

Looking after your books is one area that can stress out many entrepreneurs. Having to take the knowledge required and then being the one responsible for using it can be a real pain. To make this easier, technology has given us cutting-edge cloud accountancy packages, such as QuickBooks.

How do cloud accounts packages help entrepreneurs to reduce the demands on them? In a nutshell, they do most of the hard work for you and cut back on how much time you will spend in this area. These packages simply let you enter the raw data and then get to work. There is no need for you to know anything about maths or spend time working out sums or checking results for accuracy. By taking all this away from entrepreneurs, these pieces of tech make looking after your accounts and getting in-depth reports on your business finances a breeze.


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Marketing is no doubt something that you recognise is key to overall success. If you are no marketing guru though, the pressure you feel to handle this alone and know everything you should to make it work is huge. As with the above areas, technology can come in very handy here.

Web-based analytic tools are a great example, and there are many tools such as Google Analytics that you could use now. These packages mean that you can easily look at how a marketing campaign fared, drill down into your core demographic, and much more. These platforms do all this for you, so you do not need to acquire the skills or carry around the burden of doing it yourself. There are also other great pieces of tech within marketing that can help. Mailchimp, for example, helps to automate the process of email marketing campaigns. Simple to use, it means that you do not have to bear all the responsibility for carrying out this task personally or having to be an expert on it.

Take steps to make your life easier

When you really break it down, technology works so well because it makes our lives easier. By helping with or by carrying out tasks for us, it means that we do not have to do it. This not only saves us time in a literal sense but also means that entrepreneurs do not have to cram as much information into their head. Having too much in there or feeling like you need to be an expert who looks after every part of your business personally can be a real burden over time. By reducing this pressure, tech can help you succeed.