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Chris Bell

Physical Security Processes

Are you looking to implement physical security in your business? While you may think this is a simple case of checking some locks, the term physical security covers much, much more! This can be anything that essentially you can touch including buildings, equipment, property, employees, stock and, of course, you. Controls can include a wide variety of things such as CCTV, guards and alarms. What physical security your business implements should be tailored to you. Below, you can find some of the physical security processes that you should expect when taking out this type of service for your business.

Make Sure You Secure What Matters

All physical security processes will start by assessing the assets of your business to determine how valuable everything is. This all depends on what type of business you have and it will be different for everyone. Security should always be there to protect your company and not drain its resources, so make sure the company you choose is not over valuing your assets.

Make Sure You Secure Against Real Threats

The next stage of the process is to analyse your particular business and see what threats it could face. A variety of sources can be used here to determine this, such as public crime data, and this should be realistic rather than sensationalist. This will determine what security controls you need, so that you are not easily bypassed by criminals and so that you are not wasting money on a threat that you will never have to face!

Make Sure You Have Good Security Practice

When working through the different physical security processes, you will need to identify what your key assets are and then try to see what security threats they may face. The next stage is to look at how best you can mitigate these risks that are created. It is important to choose a security company who has worked in many different sectors as they can apply learned lessons to your business.

Make Sure You Have Global Security in Place

Do you have business responsibilities across the globe? Then you will also need to take global security into consideration and this can determine the security company that you decide to go with. Having businesses in many different locations, particularly if they across various countries, means that your security will need to be fit for purpose in every location.

A multinational corporate security policy is normally the best route to take in this situation and this will still allow the various regions to set some of their own processes and procedures. There are a few things to keep in mind, however, as it can then become tough to verify that best practice is being carried out across all your locations. This is why you need a security company to assist you in carrying out surveys and inspections that can provide a solid assurance for everyone involved in the business.

If you are a business that currently does not implement security processes, now is the time to identify open threats and regulate the best way in which to deal with them. You can also hire physical security consultants if you would like professional and in-depth advice on ensuring the safety and security of your business.


Image: Pixabay.