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RoyalStox Review – A Well-Packaged Broker for Everyone

With more and more people looking for ways to earn some extra income to deal with their increasing expenses, it is not surprising that online trading has gradually become a global phenomenon. Your existing salary or income may not be sufficient to support your lifestyle or for fulfilling your future goals. Even though there are other options that people can and do explore, it is known that none of them can come close to what digital trading has to offer. After all, the availability of thousands of financial instruments means that everyone can find an equal opportunity to earn the kind of returns they want.

People can try their luck in the foreign currency market, where there are thousands of currency pairs to be traded. There is also cryptocurrency trading, the new and relatively more volatile digital currency that can be traded. Even if you don’t invest a massive amount of money, it is still possible for you to generate substantial returns through this kind of trading. As a matter of fact, the crypto market has seen its popularity surge since 2017 when Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, hit its peak. This enabled numerous investors all around the world in making a fortune overnight.

Those who had invested in Bitcoin, in particular, were able to enjoy huge returns because the price of this crypto hit a whopping $20,000. This gave cryptocurrencies worldwide exposure and attracted hundreds of thousands of people towards the market, all hoping to make the same kind of returns. Nonetheless, you should bear in mind that even though entering the trading market is incredibly easy these days, thanks to the internet, you shouldn’t just dive in. To be able to succeed in the market, you have to understand how it works and the steps and procedures involved.

Yes, there is no one stopping you from entering this market if you don’t want to learn anything, but if you are armed with knowledge, you will be able to accomplish what you are aiming for. Otherwise, you could end up losing everything you have invested and may have to accept defeat. There are some important aspects of trading that you need to understand and learn and one of them is related to finding a reliable broker. The choice of a broker is not something that should ever be made without any consideration because it will have a major impact on your online trading experience.

Nowadays, the actual challenge is not about finding a broker because there are hundreds of them that can be found. The number has doubled in the last few years with online trading becoming a norm. But, it is vital to remember that not all of these brokers are the same. While you can rely and depend on some of them, there are also those that you cannot trust. It is possible that the latter could be scam brokers that are just interested in collecting all the deposits of their clientele and disappear. Some of them are interested in your personal information because it can be sold to others.

Hence, you have to be diligent when searching for a broker because you need a partner you can trust. Even if there are thousands of brokers in the market, only a few will be able to do the job right. The question is how can you distinguish between reliable and unreliable brokers? This can be done by carefully reviewing every aspect of a broker. One of the numerous brokers that are offering their services in the market is RoyalStox. No matter what you read about them, it is best to do your own research and reach a conclusion before deciding to use their services or avoiding them. Let’s check them out in detail to find out.

RoyalStox – Who are They?

An online broker offering its services in the market, RoyalStox has been designed to cater to the needs of every trader, whether they are new to the market or have some experience in trading. This crypto and forex trading broker has been especially developed to provide its users with the opportunity of trading multiple CFDs for various financial instruments and welcomes traders from all backgrounds. It hasn’t taken long for RoyalStox to get widely recognized in the market because it offers a well-packaged set of features and resources that only a handful of brokers are able to provide.

The fact that this broker has not been around for as long as some of the other brokers in the market causes traders to hesitate in choosing them. However, if you do some research, you will discover that every trader who has tried their platform only has good things to say about the broker. It hasn’t taken them long to garner a lot of appreciation and fame in the market due to their advanced tools and comprehensive features. If it were a scam, it wouldn’t have lasted for more than a couple of months. The fact that it has survived the competition in the market is a testament to its exceptional services.

Background of RoyalStox

A group of skilled and well-learnt technocrats and industry experts came together to form this broker and they took their time in doing so. They could have just introduced a subpar platform and dusted their hands, but they wanted to make a lasting impact, which they did. They put in a lot of effort and conducted detailed research into online trading for gaining a better understanding of what a trader requires. They used this knowledge to developed RoyalStox, which explains why it holds such a positive reputation in the market today.

The vision of its founders was to come up with a trading platform that could be safe from security glitches, any vulnerabilities or other problems that are common amongst brokers and trading platforms. They were dedicated to gaining the trust of the users and the only way to get it done was to develop a reliable and functional trading platform. They also kept up with the latest technology and other market trends to ensure that their trading platform would be without any flaws. As a result of this effort, they have founded RoyalStox, a broker that’s capable of delivering some of the best market experiences to its clientele.

Trading Instruments on RoyalStox

A prospective trader shouldn’t choose a broker without taking a look at one of the most important aspects; what trading instruments are offered by the broker. When you are not interested in a specific instrument, you would definitely want to engage in trading as many options as possible because this can help you maximize your profits. Luckily, you can accomplish this with RoyalStox as they have incorporated a huge number of trading instruments on their asset index to cater to their clients. Even though most of their focus is on crypto and forex trading, RoyalStox also allows its users to invest their money on indices, stocks, commodities and a variety of other trading products.

Moreover, it should be noted that RoyalStox provides its clients the option of CFD Trading, which means Contract for Difference. In this form of trading, traders don’t really purchase the instrument physically when they decide to trade it; they only trade contracts based on the price movements of the instrument in question. This form of trading has become widely practiced in the market because it provides a ton of trading opportunities and can be used for generating substantial income. RoyalStox allows its clients to trade more than 1,000 trading instruments and these are divided into different asset classes, which means everyone can find an instrument that suits their risk profile.

First and foremost, you can use RoyalStox’s trading platform to invest in the forex market, which includes both major and minor currency pairs. Some of the currency pairs that can be traded include EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, USD/RUB, USD/JPY, USD/CHF and EUR/GBP. In fact, the broker also lets you trade some exotic currency pairs, which are a tad more volatile than the rest. Therefore, they are a better choice for experienced traders. If you don’t want to trade foreign currencies, you can try out indices as the broker has added some major ones to its offerings.

Some of the choices you will find include NASDAQ, FTSE, DAX, SPI and IBEX. There are commodities that can also be traded on RoyalStox and these are spread over different categories. You can invest in energies like oil and gas, precious metals like gold, silver and copper and even agricultural products like coffee and wheat. Stocks are another profitable trading instrument that’s also part of the RoyalStox’s asset index. More than a hundred options are provided and these include stocks of some of the most renowned companies like Google, Microsoft, PayPal and Adidas.

However, perhaps the most prominent offering that you will find at RoyalStox is the addition of cryptocurrencies, which are currently the hottest instruments in the financial markets. The broker is familiar with the increase in demand that these cryptocurrencies have seen in the last couple of years and so they have added options like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple, to their index to provide their customers the ability of investing in them.

Trading Platform for Every Trader

Another prominent aspect of a broker that deserves attention is their trading platform because most of your experience will be associated with it. As a matter of fact, the tools and technology incorporated in a trading platform can actually have an impact on your success in the market. This is due to the fact that the purpose of these features is to make the process easy and provide in-depth insights that can be used by traders for making smarter and profitable decisions. If a broker’s trading platform is lacking or vulnerable in any way, it can create hurdles for the traders and they will struggle in executing their strategies.

This is not what RoyalStox has aiming for and so they have introduced the WebTrader platform for its clients. This platform has been designed to help people in trading a variety of instruments from one platform and to monitor the financial markets 24/7. The most important feature of the web-based trading platform is that it comes with cross-device functionality; since you only need a web browser to access it, the platform will work on any device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. Plus, there is no need to deal with the hassle of downloading and installing a platform, which is often time consuming.

The problem with downloadable platforms is that their performance also depends on the device on which they are used, which means that if there is a problem in your device, it will affect your trading experience. All of these concerns have been eliminated with RoyalStox’s web-based trading platform. They are responsible for maintaining the security of the platform and improving its performance, which they do on a regular basis by updating it. There is no need for traders to install any updates either. The broker has also added a ton of sophisticated trading tools to their proprietary trading platform.

Tools, such as instant price alerts, advanced charting tools, expert analysis of the assets and their movements and access to news feeds are just some of the options available. They provide traders with valuable insight and information regarding the market, which can be critical in the decision making process. RoyalStox has also added a demo trading feature to their versatile trading platform, which provides users with access to a simulated trading environment, very much like a real live trading market. This is a great option for beginners who have no prior experience and don’t know what to expect in the market.

They are able to get acquainted with the world of trading and get the hang of RoyalStox’s trading platform before they risk their hard-earned money in a live environment. The demo trading option comes with all the features and tools that you would get when trading live, allowing you to learn how to navigate the platform easily. Apart from this trading platform, RoyalStox has also added mobile apps for Android and iOS devices because trading on the go is becoming common nowadays. Traders prefer to have flexibility no matter where they are and mobile apps can provide this in an exceptional way. The broker has equipped the apps with a horde of tools and features to make them just as impressive as the browser-based trading platform.

Custom Trading Plans for Clients

To start trading with a broker, users are asked to open an account, which is used for keeping track of their funds and their transaction history. Every broker offers different account options to its clients and they can choose one, as per their convenience and experience. RoyalStox also offers trading plans to its customers, but it is unique from the rest because it has created six choices rather than the usual three to four options most offer. Each of these six trading plans come with different features and deposit requirements and you should consider your needs before you select one. The trading plans that you will come across at RoyalStox are:

  • Micro Account

RoyalStox’s first trading plan is the most basic choice and has been created for new traders who don’t have any experience or knowledge pertaining to the market. You can open this account with a deposit of $250 and the maximum deposit that can be made in this account is $5,000. To deposit more money, you will have to upgrade to the next account. As long as you are using the Micro Account, the broker allows you to benefit from the expertise of a dedicated account manager for 2 weeks.

Your withdrawals are processed in 7 working days, minimum trade volume is 0.01 lots, 24/5 customer support is provided and you can use all trading platforms. The leverage for this account is 1:350 and traders can enjoy partial access to the trading academy, along with an introductory session.

  • Standard Account

The second trading plan that RoyalStox offers is the Standard account and this one is made for people who have a little bit of trading experience. The deposit requirements for this account begin at $5,000 and you can invest as much as $25,000 under this account. You will have the features of the Micro account available under this trading plan, along with some additional offerings. The withdrawal processing time is 5 days for this account, one-on-one trading sessions are provided and leverage is set at 1:200.

  • Platinum Account

The trading plan designed by RoyalStox for intermediate traders is referred to as the Platinum account and you have to deposit a sum of at least $25,000 to qualify for it. As far as maximum investment is concerned, it can go as high as $50,000. The leverage under this account is 1:100 and it is recommended for high risk traders who understand how the market works. They know the ins and outs of trading by now and can keep earn maximum returns by taking advantage of the spreads, which are fixed and variable, depending on the asset being traded.

  • Premium Account

Traders who don’t mind taking lots of risks can opt for the Premium trading plan that RoyalStox has developed just for them. You should only choose this account if you have significant trading skills and are familiar with how markets work. The minimum and maximum deposit requirements that have been set for this account are $50,000 and $100,000, respectively. In this trading plan, the broker provides their clients with full access to the trading academy because they need to boost their knowledge. The leverage in this account is now at 1:500 and instant withdrawals can be enjoyed.

  • VIP Account

This particular trading plan was developed by RoyalStox for a specific class of traders, which is obvious from the name. These traders are known to have high trading volumes and so they need a plan that can keep up with their activities and provide them with the tools and features necessary to do so. As long as you don’t have a problem with taking risks in the financial market, the VIP account is for you. You have to deposit at least $100,000 to begin trading under this plan and a maximum of $250,000. You can enjoy high leverage of 1:750 and use your debit cards directly.

  • Business Account

The last trading plan that RoyalStox has developed for its clients is called the Business Account and it is aimed at professional traders. These are the ones who are pursuing trading as a career rather than doing it as a hobby. Therefore, the initial and maximum deposit requirements are high for this account, starting with $250,000 and going as high as $500,000. The leverage you get under this account is a hefty 1:1000 and you can get access to features of all other accounts.

Customer Service for Resolving Problems

Another incredible feature of RoyalStox is the broker’s customer service. It runs 24 hours a day, five days a week and they have a proficient and responsive team, ready to help at a moment’s notice. You can get in touch with the friendly and well-informed staff through different channels, including email, phone and a Contact Us form provided on the broker’s website. They will provide prompt responses and have a great deal of knowledge about trading instruments and how the financial market works. All your queries and concerns will be properly addressed, so your problems are resolved to your satisfaction.

Other Special Features

Some other special offerings of RoyalStox include its incredible and extensive educational resources for its clients, its impressive security protocols and unique trading conditions that allow every trader to grow. The user-friendly interface and easy navigation of the website are just the cherry on top of a very tempting and delicious cake.

Conclusion RoyalStox is indeed a well-packaged trading solution for every trader, whether they are new or have been around the circuit. They fulfill your needs and are constantly working on improving their services.