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Chris Bell

Rubbish Removal Can Help Solve Moving Day Mayhem

Moving day – it’s such a mix of emotions. Some regret at the good times you may have had in the old place, excitement at a fresh start in the new place. And total dismay at the amount you need to throw away. It’s great to be getting rid of a load of clutter you don’t need – it feels really liberating. Trouble is, you haven’t got rid of it until you’ve got rid of it!

Vacant Possession – Or You’ll Pay The Price!

If you’re selling a property, and you leave unwanted stuff in the garage, loft, or garden shed, the buyer is within their rights to charge you to have it taken away. Vacant possession, remember? That includes your old paint tins, the bent garden spade, those half used cartons of screenwash and the broken table in the loft.

The same applies to rented properties. Fail to clear out your flat, and the landlord can call up a rubbish removal firm, and charge you for it. And whether you own or rent, the buyer or landlord won’t be too bothered about the cost, since you’re going to end up paying. Moving’s an expensive business, so why waste the money? Whereas, if you use an economical rubbish removal firm – try Clearabee – you can save yourself a small fortune.

Getting rid of stuff has got complicated

You may be thinking that you’re going to be super organised, and get everything packed, labelled and ready for the move well in advance. Rubbish is going to be sorted, sent to charity shops, recycled or donated. Unfortunately, while we start out with great intentions each time we move, when moving day comes around, we find ourselves running about in a panic, trying to clean, as the removers are picking stuff up and revealing areas that – ahem – we’ve tended to clean around.

So what about using the council tip (or “amenity facility” as they have taken to calling it)? Sorry, but have you been recently? You’ll be lucky if you have one near enough to be described as “local”. And when you get there, you’ll join a queue of cars waiting to talk to the gauleiter on the gate. This person, always a fully paid up member of the awkward squad, is there to guard the tip against anyone who might imagine they can take their rubbish there.

You’ll be subject to a Spanish inquisition-style interrogation. Plasterboard? No way. Soil? More and more councils are charging as they find it “difficult” to dispose of. Really? Apparently so, and the charges aren’t trivial – £5 per bag of earth is not unusual. Paint tins have to be taken to a special part of the site, and oil is a major problem. Not such a great amenity when it comes to rubbish removal.

And don’t even think about taking that bedside table with one missing handle to the hospice shop. They have limited space, and can pick the best of what they’re offered.

This is why, even if you’re highly organised, you find yourself without the time to try and get rid of things at a dozen different places, and the next thing, moving day is upon you. So as soon as you know you’re going to move, prioritise the big chuck out, and order up rubbish removal – Clearabee will do the whole thing without any drama – leaving you free to swan off to your new home.