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Softamber creates and implements digital technologies

Softamber IT company provides comprehensive information and consulting services: effective business support for productive use of the current IT infrastructure, disclosure of its potential, development and improvement in accordance with the real needs of a customer company. Their services include IT consulting in general: software development and modernization processes, effective tools and practices introduction, analysis of the completeness and relevance of existing methodologies, development of effective schemes of IT infrastructure functioning and its comprehensive audit.

At Softamber Development they also offer a wide range of feature-rich, flexible online store creation software for any e-commerce site. They can provide you with the best online store CMS to create and launch your archival online business without a huge initial investment. E-commerce platform modules include: website, mobile version of the online store, mobile application. The agency promotes the online stores with search engine promotion, contextual advertising, double sales from the site through web analytics.

Softamber Development services for business prosses digitalization

The synergy of technological and managerial experience of specialists in numerous projects allows the company to provide the customer with the most effective project interaction. The company can offer a wide range of services for software development, modification and maintenance:

development of information systems for small, medium and large businesses, government organizations and institutions, including web-based technologies;

information systems deployment (including those based on the customer’s technical resources);

technical support software;


initial filling of the customer’s data;

integration with the customer’s existing information systems;

hotline user support;

development of document templates and report forms required by the customer;

fine-tuning of our information systems at the customer’s request;

upgrading versions of software products;

training of customer employees to work with our software products!

Softamber company provides cloud service management systems for corporate and personal tasks. There is also an ability to integrate multiple services into a single infrastructure: from office packages to CRM and ERP systems. Data protection during transfer from one cloud service to another is secured. Benefits of the cloud-service:

increase company efficiency through the use of reliable cloud solutions;

reduced costs for software and your own infrastructure – you rent only the cloud services you need;

reduced costs due to the standardization of the software used;

reduced risk of data loss when using backups!

Softamber conduct a detailed analysis of the customer’s current business processes in order to offer solutions that will really solve the customer’s problems and allow to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The IT specialists provide qualified support for integrated solutions, provide services for recovery of technical documentation on the code, and are always in touch to resolve possible issues on the part of the customer. The main goal of the IT provider is to create reliable software that will help you set up your workflow with maximum benefit. The company employs qualified managers and specialists ready to help you at any moment. They carefully analyze the needs of your business and match them with effective software technologies.