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Chris Bell

Storage Solutions for a Productive Home Office

Working from home can be just as fruitful as working in an office. Of course, the distractions will knock harder. However, with a little discipline, you can pull it off. You can set up a work corner at your home that will function as an office. A home office might, however, clutter your home making it look unattractive. Where should you put your work documents and stationery? Just because you cannot take advantage of office storage does not mean you should throw in the towel. You can tune up your home office by adding storage spaces. Below are some home office storage solutions for working from home.

Have a Built-in Storage Desk

A desk with built-in storage will offer storage space for your paperwork. Documents might clutter your desk and leave you unmotivated for work. Such a desk will save you time and money searching for a storage unit that matches your desk.

Go for Open Shelving

Open shelving gives your house a tidy and sophisticated look. It is non-intrusive, easy to organize and can match effortlessly with your desk décor. Retrieving and removing documents will as well be easy compared to having a storage desk or cabinet.

Work Wireless

Cables and wires, particularly, long unsorted ones, might make your work desk space look cluttered. You can opt to use Bluetooth headphones, a wireless mouse and phone charger.

Work Paperless

Working paperless will enable you to organize your documents easily. You can opt to store them in a hard drive or USB flash drive, instead of piling them up at your desk. Eradicating the outdated ones will as well quick and effortless.

Attach a Home Office Cabinet

Find a home office cabinet that complements your desk colours and décor. You can position it below your desk or at arm’s outreach. You can as well divide the cabinet sections for different documents.

Nail Shelves to the Wall

Wall shelves can function as an extra storage space for your stationery, cables, and documents. You can nail these shelves above your work area or the door.

Try Small Storage Alternatives

Dare to get creative with how you store complementary items that make your home office look fun and elegant. You can try small storage solutions like using cups and tumblers for stationery. Such creative storage solutions will make your home office more lively than office storage.

Go for Wall-to-wall Shelving

Wall to wall shelving does not necessarily have to be for documents and stationery. It can be for items that motivate and inspire you to work harder. You can place pictures of your family so that you have something to smile about during moments of distractions. You can as well position paintings and medals that you find inspiring.

Try a Feature Wall

A feature wall might come in handy for a job that has plenty of tasks. You can write and pin them to the feature wall. You can position it above your desk to remind you of your tasks for the day or week.