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Study at Bologna Business School

Discover the opportunities to study a full-time master’s degree at a prestigious Italian University – the Bologna Business School.

Historically, Italy has always been at the forefront of education, arts, and culture. The long tradition of shaping up the human civilization through innovative thinking and rigorous education continues to this day. Italy has some of the world’s oldest, yet the most prominent universities. In fact, it has the oldest university in the Western world – the University of Bologna. Today, the university is a huge organization in the education sector, with a great number of schools and departments offering a great variety of courses. The Bologna Business School, as part of the University of Bologna, offers business-related courses and degrees.

Full-time Master’s Programs

The Bologna Business School offers more than 50 programs in different traditional and modern disciplines of business education. With more than 8000 alumni coming from 95 different countries around the world, the school offers some of their master programs in Italian and some of them in English. Their full-time master programs are:

– Master’s in Business Management: For people with an ambition to make a high-level career in business management, the Bologna Business School offers a great range of full-time master programs with a variety of specific majors. You can choose to do a major in Asian Markets, Food & Wine, Green Management & Sustainable Business, Made in Italy, Retail Management and E-Commerce, etc. You can also have a major in Tourism, Heritage and Events. All of these full-time masters are 12-months long and are taught in Italian.

– Master’s in Digital Technology Management: To prepare young professionals for the ever-changing demands of the technological age, the school offers some great programs in digital technology management. With a concentration in Artificial Intelligence, or Cyber Security, or the Internet of Things; the students of these programs get ready and prepared to lead the internet revolution. These year-long programs are taught in English.

– Master’s in Management: Bologna Business School offers the traditional Master’s in Management degree with an innovative twist, in order to meet the managerial demands of the modern-day business institutes. You can opt to do a general master’s, or choose a major in either of Advanced Services, Industrial Activities, Life Science and Medical Technology (MEDTECH), etc. The Master’s in Management program is taught in Italian.

– Other Full-time Master’s: The school also offers a few other full-time master’s degrees in different disciplines of business. For finance professionals, they offer a Master’s in Finance and Fintech, as well as a Master’s in Finance, Control, and Auditing. There are also some relatively traditional programs such as the Master in Wealth Management, the Master’s in Marketing Management, and the Master in HR & Organization. For professionals involved in a data-driven industry, they also offer a Master’s in Data Science. The Master in New Media and Marketing Communication is also a great program to learn about the challenges and opportunities of the modern, internet-driven mass media.

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