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Chris Bell

The Anatomy of the Perfect Meeting

There is no reason that meetings should be drab and boring. It doesn’t do you any favors as a manager to lead meetings that dull, stressful, or argumentative. The perfect meeting doesn’t come from a great lecture, it comes from a great conversation where everyone involved feels at ease to speak their mind without judgement. A productive meeting begins with the environment, with the room itself, and continues with the tools you use, the conversations you have, and the atmosphere that results.

The Environment of the Conference Room

Beginning with the most important aspect of meetings, the conference room, you should make sure to cultivate an environment of relaxed positivity and productivity. Think about the design of the room itself. Are there colors in the room or is it dull and dark? Psychological studies suggest that people always work better when they are surrounded by bright colors. Positivity comes not just from within but from the outside setting as well.

How about coffee? Are there snacks available? Offering beverages and food can be a significant mood-booster, especially if the meeting is held before lunch. People respond to caffeine and snacks, and both can help people stay happy and efficient. Think of your conference room as an oasis where employees can escape the mundanity of office life and find themselves with a coffee and an interesting conversation.

Use Modern Tools to Organize Meetings

With so many modern resources available, you should take advantage of methods to make your meetings more organized. With a conference room scheduling application, you will be able to keep track of when meetings are, who will be at them, and how long they will last. You can keep notes that pertain to the schedule of the meeting itself detailing who will speak, for how long, and what they will speak about.

This will help managers, but it will also help lower employees. A clear, organized schedule of their meetings will help them be prepared. Online tools make it easy to find the schedule on any device connected to the internet, which will help them be on time and prepared. Installing a screen where you can view these details will also help make the meeting run more efficiently in the moment. An accessible meeting is a productive one. Use the tools at your disposal to create an organized structure.

Create Themes

Whether you have multiple spaces for meetings or need to change the environment from meeting to meeting, creating themes for certain groups will help solve problems and create goals. Depending on who you are meeting with and what you want to get accomplished, creating simple themes in presentations and meeting structure can help people stay focused on the task at hand.

Not only are themes a good way to stay alert, they will help your staff think more creatively. New ideas come from an environment of positivity, not from the usual dull lectures. Thematic material will encourage people to speak on the topic and inspire them to share their thoughts on the subject. It may seem a bit tacky, but if you do your best to come up with focused, organized, and helpful themes, you will be able to get things done without much effort.

The anatomy of the perfect meeting isn’t so simple, it takes a lot of factors coming together, but if you pay attention to the environment, your employees’ needs, and the overall organization of the space, you will be able to cultivate a positive, productive atmosphere that won’t feel like work. In a relaxed setting, you can create an oasis from desks and make a space for new ideas and problem-solvers. Showing that you are about your staff’s happiness, you will change the outlook on meetings. Providing helpful tools will keep them organized. Creating simple themes will spark new ideas.

Whatever your business, meetings need to bring out the best in your employees. It needs to be dynamic, thoughtful, and fun. When you have mastered the balance between fun and productivity, the staff will show you just how capable and intelligent they really are.