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Chris Bell

The Business of Building a Blog

With the ready availability of great Content Management Systems (CMSs) such as WordPress, Squarespace, Google’s Blogger (Blogspot), Wix, and many others, one would have thought that it would be so much easier to build and maintain a blog these days. Technically it definitely is a lot easier, but it goes way beyond the mere technicalities these days for your blog to stay relevant and to make for a worthwhile exercise maintaining it.

Whereas you would have had to pay a professional developer a mere 10-15 years ago, nowadays setting up your blog can be as simple as organising a domain name and getting a web hosting service for it and then just installing a beautiful WordPress template, like I’ve done with mine. As suggested though, that doesn’t even make up half of what is required if you’re to report any kind of “success” around the creation and maintenance of your blog.

We all blog for different reasons, but at the end of the day you probably want your blog to bring in more money than it takes to operate it, so in my specific case I’m definitely in it for the monetary rewards. By no means does that mean I don’t strive to offer any value – in fact the only reason I’m able to monetize the blog at all is as a result of the value offered.

I won’t get into too much detail about exactly how it is that I monetize my blog, because I’m pretty sure anybody who is interested in this topic has a good idea as far as that goes, but it’s worth getting into the optimization techniques used in order to maintain a consistent flow of traffic coming in, in addition to opening up channels for new visitors to come and “stay.”

It’s all about offering value, something which granted has become somewhat of a cliché these days. However, personally when I speak about value I’m referring to the information visitors come away with having read one or more of my posts. It can be very easy to lose sight of this intended value you want to give, but how I know that I’m still on the right path is when the ideas I discuss appear to be linked to some other information contained in other posts, so whenever I feel the urge to incorporate internal links, I know that I’m maintaining the required value to share.

This is just of one many tactics you can use to #SEOYourBlog, another being targeting specific keywords of course, but incorporating the services of a PPC agency should form part of your long term SEO strategy. I use paid marketing such as PPC advertising to effectively “introduce” new readers to my blog and the content it contains, because otherwise it can take a really long time to get organic links and other metrics used to rank higher in the search engines.

Organic SEO rankings are the ultimate aim for any blogger who is serious about getting ahead, but in the meantime the likes of PPC marketing should be incorporated because that’s how you get to learn which keywords to target.