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Chris Bell

The Dos and Don’ts of Starting a Construction Company

Running a successful business is a great feeling. But getting your company to the point where it’s profitable and sustainable takes a lot of work. Depending on the industry you are interested in you will have to face different challenges to get to your goal. The construction industry is attractive because it has long-lasting potential as construction work is always on demand. If you are interested in this industry here are a few essential things to keep in mind.

DO make a plan

Before investing any money you need to take your time and make a proper business plan. The more detailed it is the smaller the chances of running into unwanted surprises. Every surprise that you encounter along the way will cost you time and money. Your plan needs to include at least a detailed description of your company and product, a strategy plan, market analysis, organization plan, and financial plan.

DON’T spend all your money at once

When you make your financial plan always make sure you have a higher cash amount than your planned budget. If you are just starting out as a business owner you are not very likely to predict all the future steps. So always make sure you have some extra cash in case you need to make some quick investments in order to say ahead of schedule.

DO get licenses

Running a construction company requires certain licenses depending on the area that you operate in. Before you start your business get acquainted with local laws and make sure you are able to require all the required licenses. If you can’t acquire all the required paperwork yourself you should consider finding a partner that can help you out. Having someone to consult and share the burden with is always a good idea when starting a business as demanding as a construction company.

DON’T ignore marketing

No matter how good you are at your job no one will work with you if they don’t know who you are. Having a proper marketing campaign is an essential part of every business, especially one that is just starting out. Consider having active social media presences as it’s a cheap and effective way to find new customers.

DO get professional help

Running a construction company requires knowledge in a lot of different areas. You won’t be able to acquire all the knowledge on your own so you need to surround yourself with professionals that can help you out. Starting from accountants to engineers and marketing experts you need to cover all the grounds. Luckily the Australian market is diverse and it’s not hard to find professionals that can help you out. For example, finding competent geotechnical consultants in Brisbane is easily done over the internet. Finding top engineers should is a priority for every serious construction company.

DON’T say yes to every client

Because construction is in constant demand you will get offers from lots of different clients. This might sound like strange advice to give to a company that is just starting out but you need to set your priorities straight and focus on clients that will help you grow. You will need to decide what area you want to specialize in and find clients that will provide you with the necessary experience to become a market leader. Also if you accept just any job you run the risk of stretching thin and sacrificing effectiveness and quality of work. A bad reputation is hard to shake off so you need to focus on quality first and quantity second.

Keep this advice in mind if you want to start a construction company but remember that these are just the basics. As you start acquiring more clients and growing your business you will face new challenges. Always evaluate your work and improve operations in order to stay ahead of the competition.