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Chris Bell

The Importance of the Workplace Environment for Creative Work

In the employment of a creative workplace environment the objective is to encourage and inspire the creative talent to produce work of excellence and to generate work that is suitable for work environments that are appropriate for the creative people. This type of work space creates an evolved environment that reflects the excellence of the creative talent.

There are several ways to stimulate creativity and this type of workplace environment can be a powerful tool for stimulating the creative energy of creative talent and the creative personalities to produce creative work.

How Businesses Can Adjust their Offices for their Creative Employees

Eliminate Limiting Drawers

Perhaps it’s just me, but offices often end up being such clutter collectors. Imagine this scenario: you’re walking through your office (or at a museum), and you have to dodge one after the other of pencils, folders, to-do lists, messages, and pens. Maybe the end results of all of this planning isn’t a perfect cube, but if it helped create space and time for creativity, that’s okay.

Simplify Everything

But there’s one key to the office space becoming more conducive to creative thinking and creativity. If you’ve ever hired an artist, do you know what they tell you about drawing or painting at your office? They say, if you’re going to have them paint, paint where no one sees the paint or looks at the pages of the sketchbook. It’s the same with drawing or writing at work. Create the space where creativity can thrive, and not necessarily right under your nose. Get rid of the confusing drawers, cluttering offices. If someone comes in and sees your to-do list, or a drawer full of pens and pencils, there will be something to distract them and inhibit creativity.

Perfecting #ACreativeOffice is somewhat of a science and an art in itself, with some specific factors to aim for revealed to make it easier for those who are serious about encouraging a creative work environment.

Remove the Traps

As creative professionals and writers, we can often spend so much time trying to get inspired that it makes it really hard to get any work done. Try to minimize the temptations to procrastinate. Is your desk cluttered with random objects that draw your attention when you’re trying to create? Why not try an anti-procrastination strategy to create the workspace of your dreams? Give the workspace of your dreams some thought.

Make Room for Spaces of Action

The first step to creating an environment where you can promote creativity is to create spaces for those activities, spaces of action. You can do this simply by rearranging your workspace or drawing spaces to focus on creative or creative-like activities. You might find that putting some space between your workspace and your chair or desk is good. You can create a little space for you to move your body to relax your mind and open your creativity. We often think that being a little more tired means we’ll be more creative, but it just doesn’t seem to work that way.

Try some different spaces and see what happens to get your creative juices flowing. It could be a new, inspiring file, a larger desk or surface, taking up a different position, the ability to paint or write more comfortably, or a change in scenery. Try to create a space where creativity can flourish, and you’ll find it brings the creativity back to you.