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Chris Bell

The Manager’s Way of Building Relationships with Employees

It has always been a struggle for any leader to build a positive relationship with their subordinates. As we all know, employees are the core of any business. So it is very important to build a long-lasting, positive relationship with them.

If an employee is engaged, they are most likely to provide positive results for the company. They are dedicated and are willing to go the extra mile. They are likely to stay for years with the same company as they feel a sense of passion and connection.

New employees are considered to be at higher risk of attrition since they don’t have deep roots in the company yet. But regardless of the length of an employee’s service, each one of them should be treated fairly and justly at all times to ensure that they will be an asset to the company and bring you success.

So how do you keep your employees engaged? Let me give you some tips.

  • Use the right kind of employee survey. Before you endorse the survey to your employees, make sure that the questions included are relevant and actionable. Employees expect that once they vent to the management, actions will be taken as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that each employee is aware of the organisation’s vision and mission. Make them understand how their role is as important as the others.
  • Recognise employees if they are able to perform well. A simple pat on the back or a thank you note can make an employee feel appreciated. If you are consistently recognising positive performance, they will continuously perform at their best.
  • Encourage work-life balance. You might want to go out with your team every now and then. Have them join company activities such as basketball and volleyball leagues or you may want to create your own anti-stress activities.
  • Know how to de-stress your team. One good way to de-stress with your team is by playing online games. For a change, you might want to try after office hours or on Friday nights and you can even use the funds you will collect for other team activities.
  • Know the personal stories of your employees. By getting to know them by heart, you will be able to find the right way to talk to them. You will also know the career path they want to take and thus be able to use that to further encourage them to perform better.
  • Offer career options to them. No one wants to get stuck in the same position forever. Everyone wants to grow professionally, and this is one reason why people stay in the company.
  • Keep an open door policy. Communication is key. If you keep your lines of communication open to your employees, they will be able to trust you and trust is important in any relationship.
  • Set reasonable and achievable goals and every time you do so, involve your people. Ask them how they feel about the goal set and ask them how they plan to achieve it.

Employees are vital contributors to the success of a company. They are our first liners and are responsible for customer satisfaction. If they are not well treated it is likely that they will not treat the customers well either.

Whether you are a new or seasoned manager, always keep in mind that the happiness of your employees is as important as yours. Find time to talk to them and don’t just hear them out, listen to them with all of your heart. It is also very important to further understand employee relations in building a real relationship with your employees.