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Chris Bell

Three Methods for Maximising Your Content Marketing Strategy

A strong content marketing strategy can yield a wide number of benefits for a business of any size. For those hoping to establish a more loyal and consistent customer base, producing content of value can accomplish that in more reliable and organic ways that last. However, far too many businesses take the current marketing notion of ‘content is king’ the wrong way, and produce a wide variety of poorly thought out strategies that can impact your brand much more negatively than positively. If you’re putting the finishing touches to your content marketing strategy and getting ready for launch, then here’s how to make the most of the opportunity.

  1. Quality and consistency

We live in what’s been dubbed an ‘attention economy.’ Consumers have almost limitless options when it comes to what they do online, and if you want to attract an audience, then you need your content to stand out. The key to this is focusing on both quality and consistency. It is much better to create one or two fantastic videos or how-to guides a week, rather than thin, weak content several times a day. The higher you set the bar, the more that your audience will come to expect that quality. Concentrate on maintaining that quality and your audience will stick around for more. Produce content that doesn’t offer quality or value, and your audience will simply not grow.

Furthermore, quality stands the test of time. Creating outstanding evergreen content can be used as a resource for years to come. The same is true when it comes to online courses. Take the world of dropshipping as an example. you’ll find hundreds of people peddling their own courses promising rags to riches in a number of weeks. But they never seem to last long. The ones that stand the test of time invest massive resource in creating high-value content that helps create true transformation. Amazon/Amazing Selling Machine is one great example.

  1. Use the basics of digital marketing

If you’re running your business yourself, then you may not have a marketing department. If you’re managing your marketing as well as everything else, then it’s essential that you know some of the basics. Learn about keywords that can be utilised (but not overused) in your content, and consider options like backlinks. Learning about the importance of SEO and basic digital marketing can take time, so it may be worth looking for professional help, such as that offered by Click Intelligence, who can assess your digital marketing plan and fine-tune it into a fully functioning content strategy. If you’re not using the digital marketing basics, you can be sure that your competition is, and if you want any chance of becoming more visible online, then you need to know the difference between SEO and PPC.

  1. Assess success with data

Even if your content is amazing, it still might not do any hard work for you if you’re not assessing your output on a daily basis. By using data from your website, your social media platforms, and Google, you can evaluate the success of each piece of content that you create. Using that data can help to guide the creation of your next content, and also highlight the elements that have been received negatively. Some businesses are happy simply getting a high number of social media interactions and likes, but it’s essential that you look deeper than that in order to keep your content focused and working proactively for your business.

Final thoughts

If you think that you can write a few articles, throw them onto your website and sit back and count the profits, you’re in for a surprise! Content marketing is powerful and effective, but it will take work, time, and money. Makes sure that you are aware of the basics, and your marketing strategy will be all the more impactful. The company Helium 10 is a great example of content marketing at work. Their Amazon FBA software has gained major traction the last year and a half.