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Chris Bell

Tips For Finding Out Which Employees Are Your Greatest Assets

As a business owner and a boss, you’ve likely realized there are good employees and bad ones, and sometimes even mediocre ones. Some of them always get the job done, some of them never seem to, and then there are the ones that go through phases.

As a business owner, you want to have the best employees on hand. You want the ones that always get the job done, but those can often come few and far between. This article has some great tips on steps to take to find out which employees make the most impact on your business. It’s a great article that inspired this list of tips for determining who to keep on and who to let go if you want a productive business team.

Who Steps Up Last Minute?

Not everyone will get their work done on time all the time. Life happens, and whether you have virtual employees or a building full of them, things can happen that pull people off task all the time. However, you want to take notice of those people that jump in to catch things back up when things fall behind and other employees are getting off task too often.

Those employees that step up are the real team members. They know that your business is important and they take their job seriously. They are also always ready to help a coworker in need when it comes to getting the job done right and on time.

Who Gets The Job Done On Time?

Sometimes you just can’t meet your deadline or your goals for the day. It happens to everyone. Maybe there’s an emergency or maybe you simply bit off more than you can chew. These people are the ones that catch back up on their work promptly the next day, while still getting that day’s work done on time as well.

Then there are the people that get behind and never seem to get caught up. If they do get caught up it is only because other workers helped them, while still completing their own tasks. The helpers are the ones to keep, while those employees that are continually behind will always be gumming up the works and should be expendable.

Who Is Available More Often Than Not?

Take a look at the availability of your employees (this is especially important for virtual businesses). If someone dedicates most of their time to your business then you should dedicate your time to showing them how appreciated they are. If someone only uses your business as a means to fill a small void in their time, and still rarely gets their work done, it may be time to move on without them.

You’re paying people to do a job for you. Even if you’re paying them by the job, you want people that have the time and drive to actually get the job done (and on time). Those people that consistently step up to the plate and do their work and the work of others are definitely your businesses greatest assets.