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Chris Bell

Tips & Tricks For Choosing The Ideal Business Location

Did you know that the location of your business could impact the performance and success of your enterprise? Finding the perfect office space and neighbourhood to open your business in is critical for your brand awareness and everyday interactions with customers. The solution shouldn’t be to pick the trendiest place or the one with the cheapest rent, either. 

Creating winning products and services is only a small component of your moneymaking ventures, if your consumers are not aware of you. 

Your location impacts people’s perception of you, so here are a few considerations that will help you find the ideal place. 

Your business image

The location of your company can impact the image of your enterprise, so you should choose wisely. 

Do you imagine yourself in an up-and coming neighbourhood, or will your office setting be casual and relaxed? What is the history of that neighbourhood like, and how can this impact your business?

Your location sets a tone, and it’s not something you should choose on a whim. 

Considering space requirements

The perfect location requires the perfect amount of space. How many employees will be working for you? Will you be selling merchandise in your store, and if so how much? 

Growing a small business requires a solid plan that considers your short and long-term needs.

Budget and cost of rent

Don’t forget to budget for your business location. Assess your finances, and calculate your costs by determining:

  • Cost per square footage of the space
  • The base rental rate
  • Yearly and monthly cost 

Make sure you are realistic about how much you can afford! Entering debt due to rent is not an ideal business situation.

Get professional advice and assistance 

Professionals can always help you find a property that is within your budget, and perfectly aligns with your business needs. These individuals can even help you negotiate better rates, and you might be able to find a space that you otherwise would have never known about! 

Such is the case with the Gerald Eve Property Consultants, as they have many years worth of experience in this particular field. 

The next time you are searching for business properties on the market, don’t underestimate how important it is to find the perfect one for your long-term success. 

A location that is chosen poorly is a headache to fix, especially after you have already set all of your operations up. Don’t let this happen to you; give yourself time to find an office space where your company will flourish, both now and in the future. 

Increase your visibility and accessibility

Will your company’s location be in a high foot fall traffic area? When you are just starting out, you should increase your visibility as much as possible. You want suppliers to be able to easily reach you, customers to easily walk into your store, and for clients or investors to find your office space easily. 
When you find your ideal location, it can boost your company’s brand awareness, particularly for companies that sell goods or services directly to consumers.