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Chris Bell

Top 5 Essentials Every Freelance Business Need Today

A freelancer works for themselves but renders their skills and services to companies that need them. Going self-employed and becoming a freelancer is liberating, you are your own boss. But freelancing can be a lot of work because all aspects of your business rest in your hands.

These five essentials will transform your freelance business.

  1. A business website

Your website acts as an online business card. A business website makes it easy for customers to find you. A website can be used to display your skills, portfolio, your products and services. A website helps freelancers in building a reputation and trust in your niche.

Potential customers can read reviews and get your contact information easily on your website. In addition to a good website, having active profiles on social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter are necessary for creating business awareness and building a customer base.

  • Business insurance

Freelancers are responsible for protecting their business. The full liability of debts, damage and unfortunate lawsuits rest solely on you. This means that you have to put contingency plans in place to protect you and your business. Hopefully, you are never slapped with a lawsuit but having insurance protects you from losing your assets if that happens.

  • Good time management skills

Time is money, especially when you are a freelancer. You have to keep track of projects, due dates, appointments and interviews. A to-do list is your best friend, in addition to time-tracking software and appointment reminder tools.

Time-tracking apps and software help you keep on top of your time and make sure that you are getting everything done in the most efficient way.

Scheduling tools help you keep track of your events, interviews and appointments. A good scheduling tool is Google Calendar which is great for keeping reminders, marking project deadlines and scheduling conference calls.

  • Business cards and brochures

As a freelancer, you will have to promote yourself often. Business cards are a compact and snazzy way to do this. You can hand out cards on public transportation, in parks or wherever you find yourself.  They are also essential for business networking events.

  • Other essentials
    A quote document

A quote document is used to communicate your prices or rates to customers. Customers may ask for a quote before deciding to use your firm. Ensure that you have a price list for each task or for your products to simplify the process.  Different quoting software exists for creating simple or sophisticated quotes. You can use fancy software like Qwilr or even Microsoft Word.

  • Invoice and accounting software

As a freelancer, you are in charge of your finances. Accounting software such as Microsoft Excel and WaveApps can help you keep track of your finances. From free to paid software, a variety of accounting tools are available for you to use.

Freelancing means you are your own boss. Therefore, you set your own hours and deadlines and are responsible for the smooth running of your business. It can be tasking, but ensuring you have the essentials discussed above will make freelancing easy for you.